Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Astral Summoning a Demon

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When we become so used to summoning, whether it be astral travel, physical manipulations, or signs, we learn ways to summon them more quickly, and efficiently. This can be done as easily as Astral Projecting to the sound of their name, or the rememberance of their sigils. It can even be done by Telepathy if the connection is strong  and secure enough. There are no limitations to the ways of a summoning.

   1. Make sure you bathe yourself to show your utmost respect to the God or Demon that you are summoning. They are beings going out of their way to help you and give you knowledge, respect that fact.

   2. Gather the following supplies;
- A piece of paper that is free of lines, and of wrinkles or any other abnormalities
- A Black, red, or blue pen or pencil to write out the God or Demon's sigil
- Incense to the demon's liking or a type of incense to fill the air for respect reasons
- Three candles: One the Demon or gods color, and two white, black, red, or blue. If you cannot obtain the Demon's color, just use three white , black, red, or blue candles.
- Dress in all black attire if you can for respect reasons

   3. Write out the Demon or God's sigil, and place it on the alter or astral temple if you have one. Light the three candles, and light the incense. Make sure the scent fills the air before you begin the astral summoning.

   4. Clean your Chakras and your aura. You will want to maximize the amount of astral and psychic energy flowing within you to the best of your abilities.

   5. After you have done step 4, begin to go into a trance state. You will want to do this until you are numb and feel like you are floating. While doing this step, pay close attention to the Demon/God's sigil, and make sure you remember it in your mind.

   6. Once you have become numb, and no longer can feel your body - and if you have stayed in trance long enough, you should have entered the astral. Once this happens, bring up the sigil of the Demon/God in your mind, and repeat their name in your head or out loud. Do this until you begin to see a glowing energy, or until you see the God/Demon.