Friday, December 1, 2017

Joy of Satan Nazi Leader "Maxine" Calls to "Pray About the Internet"

   Pray to Satan to Save Our Internet
   After posting my logical rant to this subject on the previous page, crazy Andrea 101 uploaded a long statement on her forums today concluding the same bullshit as yesterday (12/1/17). Pretty much a long rant about the typical, "Jews are coming for us" fear, with no conclusive evidence except her own ignorant emotions and falsehoods.
   As this woman uses predictive programming to make it seem like praying will work - when she's intelligent enough to know how to manipulate her followers feelings via predicting the future. Let's look at an article taken from here, to better explain this widely used and effective psycological tactic:
"Details of pre-planned societal changes are intentionally revealed to the masses through various forms of media. Propagandists use this type of foreshadowing as a means of pre-emptively minimising resistance. Repeatedly exposing the public to the same specific themes should wear them down into a state of passive acceptance. By the time said changes start to manifest in reality, few will even think to question the developments, let alone rebel against them.Fiction is the vehicle used to deliver these “predictions” for an important reason. When most people watch a film for example, they see it as a benign form of entertainment and nothing more. Therefore, as the viewer’s guard is lowered, messages can bypass the normal critical thinking process and download directly into the subconscious like a virus.
For predictive programming to work as a valid form of psychological conditioning, the following set of general rules and assumptions have to be made:

  1. A group of powerful people (with a common agenda) might be able to exert a special influence over the entertainment industry.
  2. People are less likely to resist societal developments that they’ve already been familiarised with.
  3. The messages planted within fiction can vary in terms of their subtlety, ranging from subliminal clues to important plot points.
  4. Although predictive programming prepares people for large social change, specific events can also be foreshadowed.
  5. The exact contexts of the “predictions” (and the subsequent reactions of the characters within the story) aren’t strictly important."

*The scanned pages in the above gallery, are taken from the book, "The Lost Book Of Enki" by Zecharia Sitchin
   To further understand how Satan AKA Enki is, I would encourage you not only to buy his book, but to read this six pages above. This explains that Enki bred with primitive humans, to create a vastly more intelligent, constructive,and stronger populace. He does NOT care what race you are! Satan wouldn't have done this behind the other Gods' backs, or cared about us enough to give us intelligent free will if he hated "Jews" in particular - which is also a race, not religion. Now, I will go into about how we have different races among us Homo Sapien Species - A factual and scientific view:
   "How do biologists today view race, and how has that view changed in recent years?
Biologists generally agree that with enough data on DNA it is possible to say that someone’s ancestry is more likely to include representation from a given set of continents. Genes contributing to phenotypes that are recognized through our senses (for example, sight or touch) as defining differences between people from different continents (commonly referred to as races) or from different populations comprise a small proportion of the human genome, perhaps 10% to 15%. This is the meaning of [biologist Richard] Lewontin’s 1972 paper and subsequent analyses of worldwide molecular genetic variation.
   How do biologists explain the differences between different populations of humans?
It depends what differences are referred to. Skin color differences, for example, may be the result of the action of 40 genes. Height might involve several hundred genes.
On one hand, some differences may be due to differences in the founding size of a population (for example, the relatively high frequency of some genetic diseases in Ashkenazi Jews could reflect the small original populations in Eastern Europe). Other differences could be due to natural selection—for example, tolerance of low oxygen pressure in Tibetans and Andean populations. Other differences are obviously cultural—for example, the preference of some Middle Eastern and South Asian populations to marry their cousins results in higher rates of genetic disorders in those populations than in other populations.
   So why did we evolve to look so different from one another?
Some genes are involved in phenotypic differences that are detectable by the naked eye, and some are involved in musculature-related phenomena. Many people focus on these, ignoring the vast majority of genes whose differences are insignificant." Article taken from HERE.
   So please "Maxine", use some scientific facts before you poison more peoples minds like the Jew, Catholic, Christian, and Islamic, people do. Satan absolutely does not care about your mental retardation, racism, and despises ignorance and manipulation. We evolved into different races - a scientific FACT. Might as well blame Satan for creating the Jews, because that is exactly what he did. I'm not sorry the truth hurts your cowardly ego, because Satan hates what you are teaching to his people. Tiamat tried to destroy her children for being different, and was destroyed by his army. You will not succeed bringing Satan's kingdom down like she wanted, and I will Speak to Marduk soon to address this issue. For he is Satan's warrior son, and Satan hears all truth and fact.

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