Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Priestess Satanika interviews friend (H.A.) about the JoS

Okay ^^
   1. How did you discover JoS, and how did you feel about them?

--When I first discovered JoS I was searching for information on a demon that I wanted to invoke. Back then I never really explored the website, it only came up when I would search for certain things.

   2. Upon seeing the website, did you notice their claims on Nazism? If so, how did that make you feel?

--I didn't know anything of that till I had met a few satanist that followed that belief. It was new to me. I only did a little research on until some people started sending me things about aliens/greys. It was different to me because it went against everything I had studied in satanism. I could understand not liking the Jewish belief but I cant understand hating Jewish people.

   3. Did you ever try to talk to these people? If so, how did they treat you?

--Attacked. Most satanist know what it feels like to be misunderstood or constantly attacked and after I was attacked for not believing in the same beliefs of another satanist, it was almost confusing.

   4. Why do you feel they attacked you for having different beliefs? Did it throw you off your feet?

--The second you become a satanist everything starts to change, you are constantly learning new and valuable things, so your beliefs are constantly changing. I feel like the JoS followers are basically taught to have one belief, only that belief and that everything else is wrong. Rather than having your own experiences, they are taught to trust in someone else's. I really think that's why they feel the need to attack when someone else has a different opinion.

   5. Lastly, what advice would you give upon people just stumbling across the JoS ways?

--Most of it is just copied and pasted, so don't just rely on one resource...The best way to learn is from your own experiences.

Priestess Satanica interviews friend (R.K.) about the JoS Followers 10/14/15

   1. What behaviors did you exhibit in the JoS followers? They all seem to blame shift and deny evidence, did you find this to be true?

--The JOS followers were mostly negative, doing nothing and only spreading hate to not only Jews, but also Christians or people that disagreed with them. What I particularly disliked about discussions, was that they would deny evidence and say 'it is corrupted by Jews', which, of course, they had no evidence of.

   2. When you spoke with these people, how did they treat you when you stated ideas or Facts within the Theistic Satanism community?

--When I stated ideas, I was mostly cut off with a simple 'shut up', or my ideas were brushed off with the statements that it was corrupted. I also got kicked out later for my discussions and got called a Jew and antisatan.

3. Why do you believe they wouldn't listen to you, or be open as Theistic/Spiritual Satanism is about?

--Because they are scared to shift away from the ideas of Joyofsatan. I could swear I have seen that Maxine threatened people on the forums, that unless they follow orders, Satan is not going to welcome them in the afterlife. Also, they have a set path they follow, and they are scared they would be lost with nothing to do without it.

4. So in other words, they are sheep, no? Can you explain - did they seem more afraid or ignorant of your ideas, and the True Theistic ways?

--Yes, they do sort of seem to me as sheep. They were ignorant of my ideas and the ideas of theistic satanism, because they were so persuaded by their beliefs. Also, I wouldnt say 'true', because everyone has their own path and should do research to find what is best for them. Then, yet again, I think we can all agree on the fact that a high being like Satan would not be so full of hate on an ethnic.

Very true, there is no "true path".
5. When talking to or confronting these people, how did they treat you? It seems they like to believe they are better and more knowledgeable than others? Do you believe this stems from Maxine or Andrea Herrington?

--These people were confronting, always saying how I was the one with the insecurities, because they needed to throw blame at someone for their own insecurities. I have also asked some of them why they were hating me, they replied: "I dont know, Im just following the others" . As for where it comes from, I have no idea. It could be from the groups and forums, where they consider themselves to be over everyone else.

6. Due to their lack of free will and a free mind, do you think they are particularly brainwased into Maxine's trap? When confronted by people in the Satanic community who are Spiritual, Theistic, or traditional Satanists, they backlash with blame shifting, and reverse Christianity techniques used by Christians themselves, why do you think this is?

--I think this is because the joyofsatan website is the first experience they have with satanism. Maxine funds this website and it is quite popular, I have also found it in some of viral videos on youtube. The problem with jos is that they state facts about spirituality, like power meditations etc. People then try to meditate and then they are like " Holy cow, this actually works!"

And that gets them stuck into this fact accepting pit, like at school. They presume everything handed to them from tht source is correct, like at school we dont question what we are being learned.

7. Mostly teens are targeted by this in fact. In Theistic Satanism we are encouraged to research, why do you believe they lack these proper Occult tools?

--Because if they researched, maybe they would find out that actually what they follow is extremist and based on little truths about satanism.

High Priest Tiklos & Priestess Satanika - JoS and it's Leader Maxine 10/14/15

High Priest Tiklos & Priestess Satanika - JoS and it's Leader Maxine, interview #2

Okay, first question
   1. What do you feel JoS represents to both Andrea, and the follower? (Trying to get opinions other than my own)

-- The the early (fresh) follower, it represents an active answer to Satanism. Providing an alternative to Luciferianism as well as LaVeyan Satanism. It gives the hope when it introduces meditations and craft practices, which give the fresh follower hope that they can be great witches and even greater Gods... 

The more adept followers see through the bullshit of false hope, and are more drawn into the Hatred of Jews and other races. They are the ones who've "Heiled Hitler" long before finding Joy of Satan.

To Andrea, it represents a ministry in which she can run into many sheep. Instead of a Christian approach, she takes the opposite route.  She damns "God" and "Jesus" repeatedly and curses Jews and None-Joy of Satan followers because she knows that scientifically, if she does this a lot, the mind of the reader will bend her way.  It represents a Pay-Check for her and a way to fund her husbands desires of raping underage children.

   2. Tell me about the scandal she went under fire when she supposedly "freed the Goetic demons with sex". To you veleive the claims of Child molestation are true?

--As a general rule, any case of "Molestation" that involves either her, or her husband are true.

According to every Goetic Demon (all 72 of them) Sex does not free them from anything, as they are not trapped anywhere. They remain in their Own Realms where they are the most powerful.  You cannot free a being that is already free. Besides, sex pacts with certain Demons (because only a small portion will even consider it) are rare and considered the lowest of the low.  She teaches Satanism is about Ascension to Godhood, but revels in the carnal lusts of the flesh. Why worry about the flesh when you're working to obtain Godhood?

Good question.
   3. It looks like she mixes LaVeyan roots with reversed Christianity, and claims Jews are Satan's enemy - using psychology and hatred. Is there any evidence to suggest Satanism was ever about hating Jews before she came onto the scene, and would you consider her to be Spiritual or truly Theistic at all?

--There is no evidence that Satanism is about hate, period. No matter their religion, nationality, or anything. She not only mixes LaVeyan with Reverse Christianity, but she also mixes the Americanized version of Adolf Hitler and the American Neo-Nazi beliefs into Satanism.  Everyone with a brain knows that Hitler was a Devout Catholic, he even admitted it. but she hides this little tidbit, and when people bring it up, she labels them "Infidel" and "Traitor"  and blasts them so badly to her egroup that no one will listen.

Just neither spiritual nor theistic, she is still that atheist who came to me wanting to learn, she just used that knowledge to herd the sheep in and get money.

   4. She even claims that the SS and Death Hats practiced pagan rituals, and praised Satan,  and completely denys that Hitler cf a used the death of millions of Jews, why do you believe she claims these things - to suck in teens, and add more false credit to her stories?

--Oh definitely.. The SS, Luftwaffe, so-called "Death Hats" (which don't exist in History)  we're all Christian followers. As far as the claims of the Occult that Hitler was rumored to have taken part in, all rumor.. meant to demonize Hitler and the Nazi Party to Westerners.

   5. You claim she was an atheist when you first met her who called Theistic Satanism bullshit, why is this, and why do you think she was so igborants as to claim she is Spiritual to thousands of teens?

--Every Preacher claims they are the most faithful when they start a Ministry, but ultimately all they want is the vast amounts of money handed over by the gullible.

No religion is immune to these types of Predators, not even Satanism. Andrea is just another Predator out to feed upon the wallets of the Sheep.  She's no more spiritual than my coffee cup.

Atheists see religion and spirituality as crocks, as bullshit.. Crazy people claiming wild things  that cannot be proven.. She still believes this, she just sees that there are more people, especially teens and repressed people such as Africans, who will give anything to rebel against the oppression that is Christianity. If they feel as though they have ANY power over their oppressors whatsoever, then they will pay millions to obtain that power. Andrea sees this weakness in humankind and she, like many other false prophets, seeks to exploit it.

6. Why do you believe she is atheist? It seems even through her bull, she is very devout. Couldn't she just be a fanatic?

--Asides from the fact that most Atheist rarely ever change to adopt a faith, her approach and presentation... All other faiths and paths (of even Satanism) are false and don't exist.. Only her exact path is true.. Anyone who studies or even cracks open a single book knows that one specific method isn't the ONLY method... As the saying goes; There's more than one way to skin a cat.

All she does is promote her merchandise, there is no conviction there, to a trained eye of course.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Earth Element Meditation

   This is an easy meditation that can usually be done by beginners that are of Earth Element, or people who wish to meditate on earths benefits.
- Attributes to Earth:
Money, Grounding, fertility, Stabilization, discipline
- Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus (Priestess Satanika), and Virgo
- Personality: Serious, logical, wise about conserving and saving, contemplates both sides of the story, hates injustice, emotional but caring, likes to be stable,  dislikes the disorderly things in life
Earth Element Meditation
   The first step you may want to take first, is cleaning your chakras. This will ensure that maximum energy is absorbed during the meditation, so that it may flow and absorb more freely. When out chakras are blocked, it prevents the proper amount of energy absorbing in certain points of our bodies and mind. It could be comparable to a rusty bearing that needs to be sprayed with some WD40.
   1. You will need to go outside, and sit somewhere on the care ground
   2. Get comfortable, cross your legs, lie down, ect
   3. Now do the 666 Breath (Inhale for six seconds, hold for six seconds, and exhale for six seconds) until you have become completely comfortable and you can no longer feel your body, and no longer have any extra thoughts
   4. After you are completely relaxed, imagine and see a green and white energy of the Earth coming out of the ground, and with each inhale, it is absorbing into your body. Hold this for six seconds, and imagine this energy absorbing into you blood, your muscles, your skin. Exhale the negative and sick black energy from your body afterwards,  and repeat until all the negative energy is repelled from your body. 
   Afterwards, you should feel as if your energy has replenished itself, happiness, creativity, understanding and peace, you may feel the beauty in life around you, and can create a pulsing sensation or a vibration within the core of your body.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Blocked Chakras

*How to know when your chakras are blocked*
- You experience mental instabilit such as; feeling sad, depressed, even suicidal 
- You experience physical pain; severe to light back pain or pain in the spinal column, sore muscles, it hurts on your chakra centers, you head hurts really bad, your skin feels dry or your throat to the point of it feeling blistered or burnt, your joints hurt severely
- You have severe mental blocks; you cannot speak your mind, your sexuality is severely suppressed, you cannot feel creative or express lack of interest
*How to know what chakras are blocked or expressing over stimulation*
   1. Base Chakra (Tail bone)
Blocked: Lack of sex drive, obesity, cannot feel grounded, lack of self esteem or self praise or appreciation, food issues, issues with health in general, numbness
Over-Stimulation: Obsessed with sexual desire, egotistical, selfish to the point of wanting to control or dominate others, impulsive
   2. Sacral Chakra (Privates)
Blocked: full of feel, anxious, shy, doesn't strust people or situations or the self, back pain, cannot feel passion or expresses lack of passion
Over-Stimulation: Manipulative, uses others weather it be non sexual or sexual, wants things only for themselves and nobody else, aggressive to people around them
   3. Solar Plexus (Stomach or Belly Button)
Blocked: Low self esteem, no energy whatsoever, insecurity with one's self, stomach issues such as pain or cramping, control issues
Over-Stimulation: Satanic Superman Syndrome (See Ego in the Our Morals Page), resents and hates authority or people in power, overly sensitive,
   4. Heart Chakra (Heart)
Blocked: Feels sorry for one's self and cannot let go of things, loneliness, paranoid, feels lack of purpose for ones self and their life, cannot love one's self, lung issues,
Over-Stimulation: Bipolar, high periods of up and down moods like a roller coaster, possessive, demanding of others, mood swings
   5. Throat Chakra (Throat)
Blocked: Manipulative, cannot express feelings or thought, is cowardly, sore throat, sicknesses with the throat,
Over-Stimulation: arrogant, Satanic Superman Syndrome, things they are the all knowing, forces others to praise them or believe in what they believe or do
   6. Third Eye Chakra (Inbetween Eyebrows)
Blocked: Unable to face reality, nightmares, epileptic, schizophrenic, afraid to be a good person or afraid to succeed, oversensitiveness, undisciplined, cannot sleep,
Over-Stimulation: Egotistical, talks down to others and insults others, arrogant, 
   7. Crown Chakra (Above Head)
Blocked: Creative block, cannot make decisions, finds lack of joy in their activities and life, masochistic, idealism,
Over-Stimulation: severe headaches, Bipolar, frustrated, spiritual obsession,

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Having a Teacher or Mentor

Having a Teacher/Mentor
   This is one thing that many , especially new Satanist look for in the community, especially when one feels the need to follow another to help them learn first hand what this path is about. This act is completely natural, and okay for the beginner - except having a teacher takes a lot of time and effort out of somebodys life, especially if they are working, or have to invest their days into something that takes up most of their time. It is also very demanding of the teacher, especially when one asks so many questions, and wants the meaning to every answer and belief. One needs to be patient with those who are willing to teach, as with anything in the Satanic path and lifestyle.
   These teachers can tell you information in a time span of ten minutes, to a couple of hours if you are so lucky enough that they invest theirtime into you. Not saying they do not like you, I'm saying this takes up a lot of their time, especially if they have to explain things to you. There is nothing more annoying than a pushy follower who wants nothing but give, give, give, and has no respect to keep their distance and respect the information they are giving to you. Eventtually, you will be pushed away if you ask too much, so please keep in mind not to ask too many questions at once, depending on the person. We are very likely to help you when you ask, and we will help you when we are ready to take the time to talk to you. Your interests do not run the mentors life, nor should they center their time strictly around you.
   Coming onto the path is like being a new born baby, not knowing where to go to , and not knowing what to learn or expect. This is an especially laarge problem when there are so many different sects and beliefs out there for you to choose from. There is no right or wrong way to belive in Satanism, it is a path where we choose what to belive and how to believe it - NOT how others whant us to belive or behave. You should NEVER have a teacher, or be in a Satanist group who tries to force you to be like them or follow their path in life, this is not the way of a Satanist at all, and they should be disregarded and exterminated from your time immediately. Satanism is about free-will, understanding, truth, and your OWN path in life, not what a cracked extemist wants.
   What is the right information then you may ask - well, this depends on what our sect (Theistic, Traditional, Spiritual Satanism) is, and what we beleive:
-Satan is a real being who stems from ancient civilliazation
-Satan is nothing like the Christian view him ( A red dude with horns, the evil opressor, ect)
-Satan isn't a Neo-Nazi Skinhead like a particular Reversed-Christian site claims
-Satan is the teacher of knowledge, free-will, education, free-thought and thinking, magic, wisdom, and understanding
-We belive in magic & ancient mysticism, and by magig and mysticism, I mean; Meditation, energy, the communication between Satan and the Gods, Astral projection, Kundalini, Chakras, thoughtforms, Demons, ancient celebrations that stem from ancient societies, candle magic, crystal magic, occult magic, black & white magic, ect
-We belive that we can become living gods, eventually through learning and meditation (an act for some that takes up many many years or many lifetimes)
-We can communicate with Satan and/or the Demons or Gods thorugh astal projection, summoning, physical means, or telepathy
  These are but some basic beliefs that we may hold in our sect of Satanism, unlike Atheistic or LaVeyan Satanist beleive that Satan is a fictional being who represents rebelllion and human nature (which he does if you look at the ancient Sumerian Epic). Satan, along with the ancient mother Ninkhursag created us humans tens of thousands of years ago in the ancient land of Sumer. Now, let's get back to the subject.
   When we look to a teacher, we have to realize they they got all their information from other source such as people, books, websites. This is spmething we have to do as well, as researching Satanism is a very hefty  and legthy task. You will have to come to terms with yourself that it is not easy to research - for there are hundreds of sources, but they are so spread out and far inbetween. this issomething we should be doing the first days on the Left Hand Path, and something we should be dedicating ourselves to do every day of our lives if we wish to obtain such knowledge as the people we look up to for knowledge. You may even come up with new ideas, or new beliefs as time rolls on.

Joy of Satan Exposed

For those of you who haven't or have been sucked into their lies and stupidity, you are going to face the real look of the cult of reversed-Christians. For they have for far too long, been using Satan's name in such dishonor and with such misinformation, it makes me want to hurl - with a misguided count of teenagers counting well into the thousands, they have captured teens for their neo-nazi agenda, claiming Satan is an Aryan Skinhead who hates Jews.
   The cult indicates that they are "Spiritual Satanists", and the the leader, or so-called "High Priestess" Maxine Dietrich believes that Satan is an Aryan Nazi - who wants all Jews to be killed because they cause the world misfortune,  and that they are reptilian aliens made from Angels. Hmmmm, seems legit right?
   All JoS is, is a couple's who's crazy ass fantasies went way too far. Maxine is known to be extremely loyal to her Hitler worshipping and socialist husband, and even tries to deny history by saying the Holocaust was a lie! She even goes as far to say that Hitler was a Satanist, when he openly admitted and proclaimed that he was Christian and/or Catholic. Misinformation much?
   With no doubt, they will tell lies to try to cover their asses, and even call anybody and everybody a Jew, or an imposter when faced with their own bullshit, misinformation, and bigotry. Who's the real imposter here, in all reality..?
Cult Leader Maxine Dietrich AKA Andrea Herrington
 Maxine Dietrich is the leader of this relatively large cult of paranoid targeted adolescents, and some few adults. Her real name is Andrea Clifford Herrington, and she claims to be half native American herself to be proclaiming and worshipping a "Nazi Satan whonis blonde with fair skin, and blue eyes who hates all not her races". Her husbands name is Clifford Herrington, and as we all may know, he was a former leader of the National Socialist Movement of America, who later got booted for his wife's psychotic fantasies and obsessions. (For those of you who don't know NSM,  and the idiocy and white power racism that engulfs their minds,click here for their website). Andrea used the "Native American card to try to hide her racism, and as reported by Satanic High Priest Tiklos to be "whiter than white".
   Andrea is largely obsessed with these main topics, and discusses them largely on her e-groups, and website:
1. Enemy alien reptilian Jews
2. Power meditation, Chakras, and Kundalini, that's Indian Buddhist - in actual historical accounts
3. Masturbation and sex (Which is a totally acceptable and tolerable topic except Andrea is obviously obsessed with it, and even said she was married to a Demon and always has sex with it)
4. Hitler, And Neo-Nazi beliefs and even worships some of the leaders such as Hitler and Himmler.
5. Father Satan
6. And Sumerian and Egyptian worship ( Which again is totally fine, as I, Priestess Satanika do the same, but they pretty much disgrace and dihonor them with their neo-nazi beliefs and ignorism in my opinion)
   Let's elaborate, research, and take the time to study and examine each and Evert claim and obsession more clearly and pronounced, so I can show you the true intentions of the JoS Nazi Cult.
  • Alien Reptilian Enemy Jews 

   This is one if not only JoS claims, but also Andrea's herself. Here is one of her rants to a thread on her Yahoo Groups under "Why are Joooos so stupid";

   "This  thread  implies  that  Jews  are  stupid.  NEVER  underestimate  the  enemy!!!!! Yes,  there  are  some  stupid  Jews,  but  not  as  a  whole.  These  people  are  not stupid,  not  the  ones  who  have  had  us  Gentiles  for  the  past  2,000  years .  They  are very  clever  at  lying  and  deceiving.  Many  of  the  Jews  have  an  IQ  [level  of intelligence]  above  the  top  2%  of  the  population.  I  saw  this  myself  when  I  joined American  Mensa  [which  is  by  invitation  only  after  passing  a  supervised  IQ  test that  prove s  your  intelligence  is  in  the  top  2%  or  above  of  the  population].  They had  an  orientation  that  was  compulsory  to  attend.  It  was  in  the  home  of  a  Jewish couple  for  one  and  for  another,  out  of  some  30  people  give  or  take,  I  was  only one  of  three,  maybe  four Gentiles  there.  This  is  not  to  say  that  Gentiles  are  not intelligent.  The  IQs  of  Nazi  leaders  were  way  on  top  in  the  genius  level  and  they were  onto  the  Jewish  problem.  Many  Jews  are  in  professional  occupations  like law.  They  also  know  loopholes  and  brag  o penly  about  this  and  they  are  very deceptive  to  an  extreme.  Not  to  mention,  at  the  upper  levels  they  are  organized and  they  have  money  and  resources  that  would  make  a  lot  of  people's  eyes water. In  addition  to  this,  the  Jews  call  themselves  "people  of  th e  book."  There  is  a Jewish  joke:  "A  Jewish  drop  out  is  a  Jew  who  did  not  complete  their  PhD degree."  The  universities  and  colleges  are  loaded  with  them.  While  they  push and  indoctrinate  the  suicidal  notion  in  that  lethal  bible,  enforce  on  the  populace ensl aved  under  Jewish  communism,  that  knowledge  is  something  evil  [the Serpent  of  Satan  in  the  bible  represents  knowledge],  they,  themselves  know  it  is the  key  to  everything.  For  a  slave  state  to  exist  and  function,  slaves  must  be ignorant.  The  word  "ignorant" means  "unknowing."  It  is  a  sad  fact  that  there  are some  people  here  who  have  to  have  the  word  explained  as  I  just  did.  I  am  not talking  non Americans  either. The  average  Gentile  comes  home,  snaps  on  that  TV  set,  goes  to  the  fridge  and takes  out  an  ice  c old  beer,  and  then  sits  down  in  front  of  that  TV  for  the  rest  of the  night  [many  even  eat  their  evening  meals  on  TV  trays],  and  watches PROGRAMS.  YES,  PROGRAMS AND FROM THESE PROGRAMS, THEY ARE PROGRAMMED. I,  myself  place  too  much  value  and  respect  for  m y  own  time  and  mind  to  sit  in front  of  some  of  the  worst  stupidity  and  waste  hours  at  this.  Not  to  mention  the stupidity  and  blatant  Jew Communist  programming  is  as  far  as  my  concern,  not only  totally  unworthy  of  my  precious  time,  but  it  is  also  sickening and  boring  to the  extreme.  So,  ask  yourself.  what  are  you  learning  from  this??  There  ARE movies  [DVDs]  and  such  that  can  be  educational,  even  those  solely  for entertainment.  Those  sitcoms,  Jew  run  talk  shows  and  related  to  me  are nauseating.  Wasted  days  an d  wasted  nights.  lead  to  a  wasted  life  and  a  waste  of a  human  being.  The  Jew  dictates  both  directly  and  indirectly  how  you  should. There  is  a  wealth  of  information  that  everyone  should  be  studying  here.  Satan represents  knowledge.  For  those  who  are  just  too  fucking  lazy  and  unmotivated, JoS  ministry  and  other  very  dedicated members  have  already  done  the  work  for you.  Even  the  worst  slum  in  the  USA  is  a  paradise  compared  to  living  under Jewish  communism.  Unbeknownst  to  many  uninformed  dolts  who  just  don't bother  to  read,  the  USA  is  the  number  one  target  for  a  communist  take over.  The USA  is  the  last  major  power  that  still  has  some  freedom  and  this  is  being  rapidly destroyed.  Our  legal  system,  our  law  enforcement,  out  bill  of  rights  and  anything related  to  ensuring  individual  freedoms  are  being  viciously  attacked,  undermined and if  something  isn't  done  will  be  eventually  destroyed.  Many  talk  the  talk,  but when  reality  hits,  it  is  a  different  story.  We  are  in  a  very  dire  situation.  Few understand  the  tactics  of  communist  takelawenforcement, over  such  as  how  the  Jews  destroy  the of  which  they  are  doing  right  now  blatantly.  The  next  step  is total  anarchy  of  which  they  enthusiastically  promote  and  then  when  they  get some  real  power  in  a  country,  such  as  they  did  in  the  former  USSR,  they  go  on  a mass  murder  rampage.  The  police  and  re lated  are  usually  the  first  in  line  to  be murdered,  along  with  the  educated  classes  they  label  the  "intelligentsia."  No,  for the  dummies  here,  you  don't  have  the  right  to  a  trial,  nor  does  your  family.  You are  just  butchered,  and  everything  you  once  had  an d  owned  is  taken  form  you and  now  belongs  to  the  Jewrun  "State."  This  is  another  example  of  how  they push  their  slogans.  The  word  "people's"  is  analogous  with  communism.  NO, NOTHING  BELONGS TO THE "PEOPLE"  IN  REALITY.  Everything  becomes  the property  of  th e  Jewowned  and  run  state.  The  Jews  are  very  adept  at  inventing slogans  that  are  outright  total  lies  and  perverting  these  and  enforcing  them  as truths  upon  the  populace. When  communism fails  as  it  did  in  the  early  1990's,  the  first  thing  they  then  do  is to  push  the  Christian  program.  Fundamentalist  Christians  are  allowed  into  the victimized  country  in  droves,  the  bible  is  then  reinstated  into  the  local  languages, and  churches  and  mosques  are  opened  up  and  again  running.  This  puts  the entire  nation  back  at square  one  again,  under  Jewish  spiritual  control.  As  I  have stated  repeatedly,  but  will  again,  the  bible  is  the  foundation  for  Jewish communism.  When  it  has  done  its  job  and  a  nation  falls  to  Jewish  communism, the  bible,  the  churches  and  the  mosques  are  n o  longer  needed  and  all  of  the stolen  materials  they  used  that  were  hijacked  and  corrupted  from  Pagan  religions around  the  world  are  then  done  away  with,  ensuring  the  ENTIRE  memory  is gone.  If  this  fails,  as  I  already  wrote  in  the  above,  they  revert  right back  to  using the  bible  again.  This  way,  the  spiritual  energies  of  the  populace  are  under  their direct  control.  The  Jews  have  survived  as  they  have  because  like  that  foul Nazarene  character,  they  mutate  like  a  virus.  They  mutate  and  adapt  to  the current  ti mes,  but  they  never  change  in  character,  nor  does  their  goal  of enslaving  the  entire  world.  A  communist  state  is  a  slave  state.  Christianity  and Islam,  while  pushing  the  slogans  of  "freedom"  "peace"  "equality"  and "brotherhood"  are  in  truth,  the  total  opposites."

   As so told by the almighty Andrea herself, or probably written by her Nazi husband.
Now, when she talks about how "Nazi leaders were Intelligent", it varied like anybody else's. Here's a list of Nazi Leaders and their IQ when they weare checked and charged for their war crimes;

1. Hjalmar Schacht 143
2. Arthur Seyss-Inquart 141
3. Hermann Goering 138
4. Karl Doenitz 138
5. Franz von Papen 134
6.Eric Raeder 134
7. Dr. Hans Frank 130
8. Hans Fritsche 130
9. Baldur von Schirach 130
10. Joachim von Ribbentrop 129
11. Wilhelm Keitel 129
12. Albert Speer 128
13. Alfred Jodl 127
14. Alfred Rosenberg 127
15. Constantin von Neurath 125
16. Walther Funk 124
17. Wilhelm Frick 124
18. Rudolf Hess 120
19. Fritz Sauckel 118
20. Ernst Kaltenbrunner 113
21. Julius Streicher 106
  • And here is a list of IQ scores, what they mean, and how much of the populace has these cores - as cited here;
Over 140 - Genius or almost genius
120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence
110 - 119 - Superior intelligence
90 - 109 - Average or normal intelligence
80 - 99 - Dullness
70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency in intelligence
Under 70 - Feeble-mindedness
  • Normal Distribution of IQ Scores
50% of IQ scores fall between 90 and 110
70% of IQ scores fall between 85 and 115
95% of IQ scores fall between 70 and 130
99.5% of IQ scores fall between 60 and 140

   Now, why exactly was Germany's IQ scores in particular so high compared to other countries you should ask? Germany has one of the highest IQ averages out of the world, being in the top five - They employ and cherish high education, and take price in their work, compared to the American, Germany is  four pounts above us, with an average of 102. Germany, is just plain and simple, a country that has strict And high educational standards. Here's a short bit on how Hitler found education important to his people;
   "Hitler’s view on education was that it served a sole purpose – to ensure that a child was loyal to the Nazi state to ensure that the Third Reich lasted for 1000 years. A lot of the Nazi education system also reflected Hitler’s educational experiences. After his failure to get into the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna Hitler developed a loathing of intellectuals who in his opinion based their teaching on what could be learned behind desks or in lectures halls. Hitler wrote that the first duty of the state was to care for the physical well-being and physical development of the young:
“The whole education in a national state must aim first of all not at stuffing the student with mere knowledge but by building bodies which are healthy to the core"
-Taken from here

  Hitlers stem of first documented Jew hate took form when he was denied his job at the Academy of Fine Arts - which was predominantly run and filled with the Jewish. Knowing about his extremely unstable childhood that was filled with sickness, abuse, and death, he would get angry when his separation and denile issues would kick in (*Laughs* Kind of like Andrea), and act like a psychopathic butt-hurt baby, and blame the Jews for not getting what he wanted.
   To read more on Nazi Germany's standard of education, click here, and here. It's called doing a bit of research, and getting to know real information - Something Andrea doesn't like to do, or tell her brainwashed Nazi-Cult. I would recommend you do it sometime! 
  • "The Jewish know loop-holes in the laws, and brag about it, and are deceptive to the extreme"
  Bitch, I have a white woman on my ass who knows the loop-holes in the laws, does that make her a Jew - No. The only people who brag about loop-holes  are either complete idiots such as you, or are egotistical, just like you. Anybody can know this; black, white, green... Jewish, Satanist, Buhhdist. Why are you making such uneducated,  and pointless claims that defy common sense? And to have such a high teenager following? I can see the intelligence flowing within me. Just because someone who does you wrong hurts your ego, it doesn't mean the whole race is bad. Did I mention racists have a lower IQ, than people who aren't? True story!
   How about that deception every race can show, racial profiling are we? When we talk about this deception,  what about all the people you have tricked into believing Satanism is Nazism,  and that you aren't socialist when your husband was a leader of the NSA,  and your site projects that as well. How about all the authors work you've stolen - particularly dead authors so they cannot Sue your candy ass? Hypocrite to a damn tee!
  • "Programs on the TV are programmed by Jews"

   Isn't that something the Christians said the Simpsons was Satanic, or how even the Monster Energy Drink meant 666, and was if the Devil? Or even how they said Artist Paul McCartney from The Beatles was Satanic because he had an album called "Ram"? Where's your theory of programming coming from, because looking at the way you dictate things, you permit people not to research, think for themselves, deny the Holocaust, and worship Hitler - Calling it Satanism. Please continue on all the lies woman!

Your Hell is our Heaven

Ahem, Sorry for the over dramatic title, but it is bluntly true. The RHP understanding, and the LHP understanding of Hell is quite different in many ways, and forms. There is no Hell of fire, flames, death, destruction, and suffering, only Heaven, and here, reside the Gods, and earthlings who wish to retire from the material world for the time being.
   Hell is a place on the Astral realm, or spiritual realm. the Gods may live or work there for importance in civilization, teaching, order, and justice. Just like our physical Earth realm as we know it has leaders, politics, education, and housing, so does Hell. Sometimes, even Hell can lose it's order and peace. this is why it's important for the God's who are in charge of dead souls, to check or weigh them before they enter Satan's Hell.
   I cannot elaborate much now since I only know what Satan has told me about his home, but over due time, I'm sure I will have more information on the subject. But what I can tell you right now, are about the gates of Hell. There was a time where my guardian brought me there during a lucid dream. Now, keep in mind, Lucid Dreaming is just like astral projection, except it is entered by means of sleep instead.

  In the summer of 2013, by guardian demon Glasya had told me he wanted to take me someplace special. I was full of surprise, not knowing where I as even going, or what I would be shown, we began to walk through a tunnel of darkness. He was beside me the whole way, and I kept wondering where he was going to lead me, and why! soon, the ceiling of the tunnel glowed with yellow-gold lights, looking like the night sky full of stars, and the ceiling was very very high up into the air - maybe there was no ceiling at all?
    I gasped in the beauty of it all, and as soon as I saw the yellow star-like ceiling, it turned into a navy blue, and I saw a Dragon. The dragon was HUGE, the color of emerald green, and told me its name was Astoroth. THIS was lady Astoroth or Inanna guarding the gates of Hell, which looked aas if they were made of Cherry-wood! I was so damn amazed, that I snapped myself out of astral projection!

Energy Stealing

­čî╣Energy Stealing­čî╣

This is considered to be a Black Magic exercise,  ONLY if you are taking energy from a being without it's consent or without them knowing. This practice can do many things to both people involved. For you, it can give you energy, information about the other person, feelings. For the other person, it can cause major issues, such as; Low energy, sickness, depression, sleepiness, pain, and even death.

1. Make sure you visually know what he person looks like before you do this, in order to establish a better connection.
2. Relax yourself, and do the 666 breath to calm your mind, nerves, and body.
3. After you have completed step two, visualize the targeted person, and see the white life energy leaving their body. After a while, you should be able to feel it, and even see their energy with your own eyes!
4. Bring the life energy over to you in either a stream or a ball, and absorb it into either your lungs, skin, or both. Move the energy around your body, and repeat.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Gods

We call them Gods, demons, Daemons, spirits, guides, helpers. The great ones who have been here to help and guide mankind since the beginning of life itself here on planet earth. They are the true givers of godly knowledge and information.

-The definition of the word Daemon from
Daemon [dee-muh-n] noun
1. Classical Mythology.
    A. A god.
    B. A subordinate deity, as the genius of a place or a person's attendant spirit.

   As you can see, a Demon or "Daemon", was never originally an evil spirit nor entity. It was a God or being here, to give knowledge to humanity from the astral or physical realm, in order to learn, help, guide, or even protect us. This is why the Jews (first founders of the "Jeebus Crust" myth), brandished them as evil. Because knowledge & Free-Will are sins;
"Only the Devil promotes or advocates free-will and knowledge. Only Satan,  if you think about it, in the bible, he is basically the good guy. All he was doing was revealing the truth, and giving knowledge to mankind".

   Here is a Jewish quote, from their book expressing that death, is a punishment for free-will:
" See, I have set before you today life and good, and death and evil. I have commanded you today to love Hashem your DoG, to walk in his paths, and to keep His Commandments, Decrees, and Laws. You will then live and flourish, and Hashem your DoG will bless you... But if your heart turns astray, and you do not listen... I am warning you today that you will be exterminated... I call heaven and earth as witnesses. Before you I have placed life and death, the blessing and the curse. You must choose life, so that you and your descendants will live.  -- Deut. 30:15-19".


   Satan has told me some information concerning the wrongful information on the JoS site (this pertains to you people who assume absolutely everything on the site, including all the Demon's information is true - it's most definitely not). One should never call "Enki" Satan, for it is extremely disrespectful and wrong if origins.
   The Gods were never trapped in the first place, like what leader Maxine has said otherwise. The Gods cannot become trapped by the methods of man, nor would they allow such a thing to take place. Satan hears, and sees all, nothing would take in effect of a trapping of the Gods. Also, many of the sigils are wrong, as in having enemy power.
    Many of the Gods on the JoS site are also misrepresented, and are repeated from different names from different cultures. Much is incorrect and wrong concerning the relations with the Gods, and their information,  and real purpose for humanity.
   Satan wishes for us to advance and better ourselves, into God-like people like him someday. We as people are extremely less significant,  and probably comparable to cavemen compared to how advanced SATAN and the Gods are. There is nothing worse than allowing stupidity, and letting it breed to continue itself only to spread destruction to others in the process of life.

Monday, October 5, 2015


    The ego is a thing everybody has before they reach the state of Godhead and before the Kundalini fully awakens. This is a sickness within us all, and some Satanists even may exhibit Superman Satanist syndrome. What this is, is basically an asshole who thinks they're better than everybody else, and tends to feed people with misinformation, and lies about themselves and others.
   These types never last too long in the Satanic community, and will eventually be casted out for their bigotry and ridiculousness, or might have a small gathering of other brainwashed followers. Nobody is better than the other, and shouldn't be treated differently for having a false sense of confidence and "powers".
   There are some people no out their who claim to have powers and that they can "prove" them by asking others to join in and/or will most likely back down with misinformation, or "I'll show you later", "I'm not strong enough now" ect. These are parasites who live to create drama, and make their poor prepubecent selves feel better, and shouldn't be allowed to continue their madness.
   In all reality, people who are knowledgeable, have experience, and are powerful tend to have a mind filled with peace, and are most likely emotionally stable, not blowing up and belittling people who are in fact smarter than themselves. They also don't feel the need to prove themselves, and would rather let you see things for yourself - not forcing you to believe things against your will.
   In the Satanic community, we may have a select few of leaders such as Venus Satanas, or Diane Vera who teach us to follow our own paths  and not to be sucked into the infamous Satanic Superman syndrome fed by idiocy and retardation. Satanism is about creating your OWN path, not relying on an insecure fake who loves to toy with people for fun.


Halloween is a very important holiday to both Satanusts, and Neo-Pagans alike. This signals the turning of fall, and was celebrated by great feasts, rituals, parties, gatherings, and great bonfires that were used ti burn animals and crops as sacrifice. I am writing this article today to give a suggested way you can celebrate this powerful day of turning.
   Halloween or Samhain means "summers end", and was first seen celebrated by the ancient Celts 2,000 years ago. They believed Samhain vegan on October 32st, but would begin to celebrate the nights sunset the day before. The Pagan version of Samhain began on November first.
   1. Create plans for the day that concern you, and if you have a family - with your family. You can go out and buy or create costumes to wear, decorate the house, or even carve pumpkins, all these are up to you.
   2. Create a Prayer to recite after each meal, or quarter turning if the day to signify thanks and appreciation of change and time. This could also be done during the sunrise and sunset.
   3. Create a thanks ritual to the turning of fall, and to Satan. This time of the year should be greatly respected.
   4. Dress in all black, or in the nude, and prefer sex magic. This can be done with a partner, or by yourself to manifest certain goals, and qualities in ones self.