Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Having a Teacher or Mentor

Having a Teacher/Mentor
   This is one thing that many , especially new Satanist look for in the community, especially when one feels the need to follow another to help them learn first hand what this path is about. This act is completely natural, and okay for the beginner - except having a teacher takes a lot of time and effort out of somebodys life, especially if they are working, or have to invest their days into something that takes up most of their time. It is also very demanding of the teacher, especially when one asks so many questions, and wants the meaning to every answer and belief. One needs to be patient with those who are willing to teach, as with anything in the Satanic path and lifestyle.
   These teachers can tell you information in a time span of ten minutes, to a couple of hours if you are so lucky enough that they invest theirtime into you. Not saying they do not like you, I'm saying this takes up a lot of their time, especially if they have to explain things to you. There is nothing more annoying than a pushy follower who wants nothing but give, give, give, and has no respect to keep their distance and respect the information they are giving to you. Eventtually, you will be pushed away if you ask too much, so please keep in mind not to ask too many questions at once, depending on the person. We are very likely to help you when you ask, and we will help you when we are ready to take the time to talk to you. Your interests do not run the mentors life, nor should they center their time strictly around you.
   Coming onto the path is like being a new born baby, not knowing where to go to , and not knowing what to learn or expect. This is an especially laarge problem when there are so many different sects and beliefs out there for you to choose from. There is no right or wrong way to belive in Satanism, it is a path where we choose what to belive and how to believe it - NOT how others whant us to belive or behave. You should NEVER have a teacher, or be in a Satanist group who tries to force you to be like them or follow their path in life, this is not the way of a Satanist at all, and they should be disregarded and exterminated from your time immediately. Satanism is about free-will, understanding, truth, and your OWN path in life, not what a cracked extemist wants.
   What is the right information then you may ask - well, this depends on what our sect (Theistic, Traditional, Spiritual Satanism) is, and what we beleive:
-Satan is a real being who stems from ancient civilliazation
-Satan is nothing like the Christian view him ( A red dude with horns, the evil opressor, ect)
-Satan isn't a Neo-Nazi Skinhead like a particular Reversed-Christian site claims
-Satan is the teacher of knowledge, free-will, education, free-thought and thinking, magic, wisdom, and understanding
-We belive in magic & ancient mysticism, and by magig and mysticism, I mean; Meditation, energy, the communication between Satan and the Gods, Astral projection, Kundalini, Chakras, thoughtforms, Demons, ancient celebrations that stem from ancient societies, candle magic, crystal magic, occult magic, black & white magic, ect
-We belive that we can become living gods, eventually through learning and meditation (an act for some that takes up many many years or many lifetimes)
-We can communicate with Satan and/or the Demons or Gods thorugh astal projection, summoning, physical means, or telepathy
  These are but some basic beliefs that we may hold in our sect of Satanism, unlike Atheistic or LaVeyan Satanist beleive that Satan is a fictional being who represents rebelllion and human nature (which he does if you look at the ancient Sumerian Epic). Satan, along with the ancient mother Ninkhursag created us humans tens of thousands of years ago in the ancient land of Sumer. Now, let's get back to the subject.
   When we look to a teacher, we have to realize they they got all their information from other source such as people, books, websites. This is spmething we have to do as well, as researching Satanism is a very hefty  and legthy task. You will have to come to terms with yourself that it is not easy to research - for there are hundreds of sources, but they are so spread out and far inbetween. this issomething we should be doing the first days on the Left Hand Path, and something we should be dedicating ourselves to do every day of our lives if we wish to obtain such knowledge as the people we look up to for knowledge. You may even come up with new ideas, or new beliefs as time rolls on.

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