Monday, October 5, 2015


Halloween is a very important holiday to both Satanusts, and Neo-Pagans alike. This signals the turning of fall, and was celebrated by great feasts, rituals, parties, gatherings, and great bonfires that were used ti burn animals and crops as sacrifice. I am writing this article today to give a suggested way you can celebrate this powerful day of turning.
   Halloween or Samhain means "summers end", and was first seen celebrated by the ancient Celts 2,000 years ago. They believed Samhain vegan on October 32st, but would begin to celebrate the nights sunset the day before. The Pagan version of Samhain began on November first.
   1. Create plans for the day that concern you, and if you have a family - with your family. You can go out and buy or create costumes to wear, decorate the house, or even carve pumpkins, all these are up to you.
   2. Create a Prayer to recite after each meal, or quarter turning if the day to signify thanks and appreciation of change and time. This could also be done during the sunrise and sunset.
   3. Create a thanks ritual to the turning of fall, and to Satan. This time of the year should be greatly respected.
   4. Dress in all black, or in the nude, and prefer sex magic. This can be done with a partner, or by yourself to manifest certain goals, and qualities in ones self.

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