Monday, October 5, 2015


    The ego is a thing everybody has before they reach the state of Godhead and before the Kundalini fully awakens. This is a sickness within us all, and some Satanists even may exhibit Superman Satanist syndrome. What this is, is basically an asshole who thinks they're better than everybody else, and tends to feed people with misinformation, and lies about themselves and others.
   These types never last too long in the Satanic community, and will eventually be casted out for their bigotry and ridiculousness, or might have a small gathering of other brainwashed followers. Nobody is better than the other, and shouldn't be treated differently for having a false sense of confidence and "powers".
   There are some people no out their who claim to have powers and that they can "prove" them by asking others to join in and/or will most likely back down with misinformation, or "I'll show you later", "I'm not strong enough now" ect. These are parasites who live to create drama, and make their poor prepubecent selves feel better, and shouldn't be allowed to continue their madness.
   In all reality, people who are knowledgeable, have experience, and are powerful tend to have a mind filled with peace, and are most likely emotionally stable, not blowing up and belittling people who are in fact smarter than themselves. They also don't feel the need to prove themselves, and would rather let you see things for yourself - not forcing you to believe things against your will.
   In the Satanic community, we may have a select few of leaders such as Venus Satanas, or Diane Vera who teach us to follow our own paths  and not to be sucked into the infamous Satanic Superman syndrome fed by idiocy and retardation. Satanism is about creating your OWN path, not relying on an insecure fake who loves to toy with people for fun.

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