Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Your Hell is our Heaven

Ahem, Sorry for the over dramatic title, but it is bluntly true. The RHP understanding, and the LHP understanding of Hell is quite different in many ways, and forms. There is no Hell of fire, flames, death, destruction, and suffering, only Heaven, and here, reside the Gods, and earthlings who wish to retire from the material world for the time being.
   Hell is a place on the Astral realm, or spiritual realm. the Gods may live or work there for importance in civilization, teaching, order, and justice. Just like our physical Earth realm as we know it has leaders, politics, education, and housing, so does Hell. Sometimes, even Hell can lose it's order and peace. this is why it's important for the God's who are in charge of dead souls, to check or weigh them before they enter Satan's Hell.
   I cannot elaborate much now since I only know what Satan has told me about his home, but over due time, I'm sure I will have more information on the subject. But what I can tell you right now, are about the gates of Hell. There was a time where my guardian brought me there during a lucid dream. Now, keep in mind, Lucid Dreaming is just like astral projection, except it is entered by means of sleep instead.

  In the summer of 2013, by guardian demon Glasya had told me he wanted to take me someplace special. I was full of surprise, not knowing where I as even going, or what I would be shown, we began to walk through a tunnel of darkness. He was beside me the whole way, and I kept wondering where he was going to lead me, and why! soon, the ceiling of the tunnel glowed with yellow-gold lights, looking like the night sky full of stars, and the ceiling was very very high up into the air - maybe there was no ceiling at all?
    I gasped in the beauty of it all, and as soon as I saw the yellow star-like ceiling, it turned into a navy blue, and I saw a Dragon. The dragon was HUGE, the color of emerald green, and told me its name was Astoroth. THIS was lady Astoroth or Inanna guarding the gates of Hell, which looked aas if they were made of Cherry-wood! I was so damn amazed, that I snapped myself out of astral projection!

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