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Joy of Satan Exposed

For those of you who haven't or have been sucked into their lies and stupidity, you are going to face the real look of the cult of reversed-Christians. For they have for far too long, been using Satan's name in such dishonor and with such misinformation, it makes me want to hurl - with a misguided count of teenagers counting well into the thousands, they have captured teens for their neo-nazi agenda, claiming Satan is an Aryan Skinhead who hates Jews.
   The cult indicates that they are "Spiritual Satanists", and the the leader, or so-called "High Priestess" Maxine Dietrich believes that Satan is an Aryan Nazi - who wants all Jews to be killed because they cause the world misfortune,  and that they are reptilian aliens made from Angels. Hmmmm, seems legit right?
   All JoS is, is a couple's who's crazy ass fantasies went way too far. Maxine is known to be extremely loyal to her Hitler worshipping and socialist husband, and even tries to deny history by saying the Holocaust was a lie! She even goes as far to say that Hitler was a Satanist, when he openly admitted and proclaimed that he was Christian and/or Catholic. Misinformation much?
   With no doubt, they will tell lies to try to cover their asses, and even call anybody and everybody a Jew, or an imposter when faced with their own bullshit, misinformation, and bigotry. Who's the real imposter here, in all reality..?
Cult Leader Maxine Dietrich AKA Andrea Herrington
 Maxine Dietrich is the leader of this relatively large cult of paranoid targeted adolescents, and some few adults. Her real name is Andrea Clifford Herrington, and she claims to be half native American herself to be proclaiming and worshipping a "Nazi Satan whonis blonde with fair skin, and blue eyes who hates all not her races". Her husbands name is Clifford Herrington, and as we all may know, he was a former leader of the National Socialist Movement of America, who later got booted for his wife's psychotic fantasies and obsessions. (For those of you who don't know NSM,  and the idiocy and white power racism that engulfs their minds,click here for their website). Andrea used the "Native American card to try to hide her racism, and as reported by Satanic High Priest Tiklos to be "whiter than white".
   Andrea is largely obsessed with these main topics, and discusses them largely on her e-groups, and website:
1. Enemy alien reptilian Jews
2. Power meditation, Chakras, and Kundalini, that's Indian Buddhist - in actual historical accounts
3. Masturbation and sex (Which is a totally acceptable and tolerable topic except Andrea is obviously obsessed with it, and even said she was married to a Demon and always has sex with it)
4. Hitler, And Neo-Nazi beliefs and even worships some of the leaders such as Hitler and Himmler.
5. Father Satan
6. And Sumerian and Egyptian worship ( Which again is totally fine, as I, Priestess Satanika do the same, but they pretty much disgrace and dihonor them with their neo-nazi beliefs and ignorism in my opinion)
   Let's elaborate, research, and take the time to study and examine each and Evert claim and obsession more clearly and pronounced, so I can show you the true intentions of the JoS Nazi Cult.
  • Alien Reptilian Enemy Jews 

   This is one if not only JoS claims, but also Andrea's herself. Here is one of her rants to a thread on her Yahoo Groups under "Why are Joooos so stupid";

   "This  thread  implies  that  Jews  are  stupid.  NEVER  underestimate  the  enemy!!!!! Yes,  there  are  some  stupid  Jews,  but  not  as  a  whole.  These  people  are  not stupid,  not  the  ones  who  have  had  us  Gentiles  for  the  past  2,000  years .  They  are very  clever  at  lying  and  deceiving.  Many  of  the  Jews  have  an  IQ  [level  of intelligence]  above  the  top  2%  of  the  population.  I  saw  this  myself  when  I  joined American  Mensa  [which  is  by  invitation  only  after  passing  a  supervised  IQ  test that  prove s  your  intelligence  is  in  the  top  2%  or  above  of  the  population].  They had  an  orientation  that  was  compulsory  to  attend.  It  was  in  the  home  of  a  Jewish couple  for  one  and  for  another,  out  of  some  30  people  give  or  take,  I  was  only one  of  three,  maybe  four Gentiles  there.  This  is  not  to  say  that  Gentiles  are  not intelligent.  The  IQs  of  Nazi  leaders  were  way  on  top  in  the  genius  level  and  they were  onto  the  Jewish  problem.  Many  Jews  are  in  professional  occupations  like law.  They  also  know  loopholes  and  brag  o penly  about  this  and  they  are  very deceptive  to  an  extreme.  Not  to  mention,  at  the  upper  levels  they  are  organized and  they  have  money  and  resources  that  would  make  a  lot  of  people's  eyes water. In  addition  to  this,  the  Jews  call  themselves  "people  of  th e  book."  There  is  a Jewish  joke:  "A  Jewish  drop  out  is  a  Jew  who  did  not  complete  their  PhD degree."  The  universities  and  colleges  are  loaded  with  them.  While  they  push and  indoctrinate  the  suicidal  notion  in  that  lethal  bible,  enforce  on  the  populace ensl aved  under  Jewish  communism,  that  knowledge  is  something  evil  [the Serpent  of  Satan  in  the  bible  represents  knowledge],  they,  themselves  know  it  is the  key  to  everything.  For  a  slave  state  to  exist  and  function,  slaves  must  be ignorant.  The  word  "ignorant" means  "unknowing."  It  is  a  sad  fact  that  there  are some  people  here  who  have  to  have  the  word  explained  as  I  just  did.  I  am  not talking  non Americans  either. The  average  Gentile  comes  home,  snaps  on  that  TV  set,  goes  to  the  fridge  and takes  out  an  ice  c old  beer,  and  then  sits  down  in  front  of  that  TV  for  the  rest  of the  night  [many  even  eat  their  evening  meals  on  TV  trays],  and  watches PROGRAMS.  YES,  PROGRAMS AND FROM THESE PROGRAMS, THEY ARE PROGRAMMED. I,  myself  place  too  much  value  and  respect  for  m y  own  time  and  mind  to  sit  in front  of  some  of  the  worst  stupidity  and  waste  hours  at  this.  Not  to  mention  the stupidity  and  blatant  Jew Communist  programming  is  as  far  as  my  concern,  not only  totally  unworthy  of  my  precious  time,  but  it  is  also  sickening and  boring  to the  extreme.  So,  ask  yourself.  what  are  you  learning  from  this??  There  ARE movies  [DVDs]  and  such  that  can  be  educational,  even  those  solely  for entertainment.  Those  sitcoms,  Jew  run  talk  shows  and  related  to  me  are nauseating.  Wasted  days  an d  wasted  nights.  lead  to  a  wasted  life  and  a  waste  of a  human  being.  The  Jew  dictates  both  directly  and  indirectly  how  you  should. There  is  a  wealth  of  information  that  everyone  should  be  studying  here.  Satan represents  knowledge.  For  those  who  are  just  too  fucking  lazy  and  unmotivated, JoS  ministry  and  other  very  dedicated members  have  already  done  the  work  for you.  Even  the  worst  slum  in  the  USA  is  a  paradise  compared  to  living  under Jewish  communism.  Unbeknownst  to  many  uninformed  dolts  who  just  don't bother  to  read,  the  USA  is  the  number  one  target  for  a  communist  take over.  The USA  is  the  last  major  power  that  still  has  some  freedom  and  this  is  being  rapidly destroyed.  Our  legal  system,  our  law  enforcement,  out  bill  of  rights  and  anything related  to  ensuring  individual  freedoms  are  being  viciously  attacked,  undermined and if  something  isn't  done  will  be  eventually  destroyed.  Many  talk  the  talk,  but when  reality  hits,  it  is  a  different  story.  We  are  in  a  very  dire  situation.  Few understand  the  tactics  of  communist  takelawenforcement, over  such  as  how  the  Jews  destroy  the of  which  they  are  doing  right  now  blatantly.  The  next  step  is total  anarchy  of  which  they  enthusiastically  promote  and  then  when  they  get some  real  power  in  a  country,  such  as  they  did  in  the  former  USSR,  they  go  on  a mass  murder  rampage.  The  police  and  re lated  are  usually  the  first  in  line  to  be murdered,  along  with  the  educated  classes  they  label  the  "intelligentsia."  No,  for the  dummies  here,  you  don't  have  the  right  to  a  trial,  nor  does  your  family.  You are  just  butchered,  and  everything  you  once  had  an d  owned  is  taken  form  you and  now  belongs  to  the  Jewrun  "State."  This  is  another  example  of  how  they push  their  slogans.  The  word  "people's"  is  analogous  with  communism.  NO, NOTHING  BELONGS TO THE "PEOPLE"  IN  REALITY.  Everything  becomes  the property  of  th e  Jewowned  and  run  state.  The  Jews  are  very  adept  at  inventing slogans  that  are  outright  total  lies  and  perverting  these  and  enforcing  them  as truths  upon  the  populace. When  communism fails  as  it  did  in  the  early  1990's,  the  first  thing  they  then  do  is to  push  the  Christian  program.  Fundamentalist  Christians  are  allowed  into  the victimized  country  in  droves,  the  bible  is  then  reinstated  into  the  local  languages, and  churches  and  mosques  are  opened  up  and  again  running.  This  puts  the entire  nation  back  at square  one  again,  under  Jewish  spiritual  control.  As  I  have stated  repeatedly,  but  will  again,  the  bible  is  the  foundation  for  Jewish communism.  When  it  has  done  its  job  and  a  nation  falls  to  Jewish  communism, the  bible,  the  churches  and  the  mosques  are  n o  longer  needed  and  all  of  the stolen  materials  they  used  that  were  hijacked  and  corrupted  from  Pagan  religions around  the  world  are  then  done  away  with,  ensuring  the  ENTIRE  memory  is gone.  If  this  fails,  as  I  already  wrote  in  the  above,  they  revert  right back  to  using the  bible  again.  This  way,  the  spiritual  energies  of  the  populace  are  under  their direct  control.  The  Jews  have  survived  as  they  have  because  like  that  foul Nazarene  character,  they  mutate  like  a  virus.  They  mutate  and  adapt  to  the current  ti mes,  but  they  never  change  in  character,  nor  does  their  goal  of enslaving  the  entire  world.  A  communist  state  is  a  slave  state.  Christianity  and Islam,  while  pushing  the  slogans  of  "freedom"  "peace"  "equality"  and "brotherhood"  are  in  truth,  the  total  opposites."

   As so told by the almighty Andrea herself, or probably written by her Nazi husband.
Now, when she talks about how "Nazi leaders were Intelligent", it varied like anybody else's. Here's a list of Nazi Leaders and their IQ when they weare checked and charged for their war crimes;

1. Hjalmar Schacht 143
2. Arthur Seyss-Inquart 141
3. Hermann Goering 138
4. Karl Doenitz 138
5. Franz von Papen 134
6.Eric Raeder 134
7. Dr. Hans Frank 130
8. Hans Fritsche 130
9. Baldur von Schirach 130
10. Joachim von Ribbentrop 129
11. Wilhelm Keitel 129
12. Albert Speer 128
13. Alfred Jodl 127
14. Alfred Rosenberg 127
15. Constantin von Neurath 125
16. Walther Funk 124
17. Wilhelm Frick 124
18. Rudolf Hess 120
19. Fritz Sauckel 118
20. Ernst Kaltenbrunner 113
21. Julius Streicher 106
  • And here is a list of IQ scores, what they mean, and how much of the populace has these cores - as cited here;
Over 140 - Genius or almost genius
120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence
110 - 119 - Superior intelligence
90 - 109 - Average or normal intelligence
80 - 99 - Dullness
70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency in intelligence
Under 70 - Feeble-mindedness
  • Normal Distribution of IQ Scores
50% of IQ scores fall between 90 and 110
70% of IQ scores fall between 85 and 115
95% of IQ scores fall between 70 and 130
99.5% of IQ scores fall between 60 and 140

   Now, why exactly was Germany's IQ scores in particular so high compared to other countries you should ask? Germany has one of the highest IQ averages out of the world, being in the top five - They employ and cherish high education, and take price in their work, compared to the American, Germany is  four pounts above us, with an average of 102. Germany, is just plain and simple, a country that has strict And high educational standards. Here's a short bit on how Hitler found education important to his people;
   "Hitler’s view on education was that it served a sole purpose – to ensure that a child was loyal to the Nazi state to ensure that the Third Reich lasted for 1000 years. A lot of the Nazi education system also reflected Hitler’s educational experiences. After his failure to get into the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna Hitler developed a loathing of intellectuals who in his opinion based their teaching on what could be learned behind desks or in lectures halls. Hitler wrote that the first duty of the state was to care for the physical well-being and physical development of the young:
“The whole education in a national state must aim first of all not at stuffing the student with mere knowledge but by building bodies which are healthy to the core"
-Taken from here

  Hitlers stem of first documented Jew hate took form when he was denied his job at the Academy of Fine Arts - which was predominantly run and filled with the Jewish. Knowing about his extremely unstable childhood that was filled with sickness, abuse, and death, he would get angry when his separation and denile issues would kick in (*Laughs* Kind of like Andrea), and act like a psychopathic butt-hurt baby, and blame the Jews for not getting what he wanted.
   To read more on Nazi Germany's standard of education, click here, and here. It's called doing a bit of research, and getting to know real information - Something Andrea doesn't like to do, or tell her brainwashed Nazi-Cult. I would recommend you do it sometime! 
  • "The Jewish know loop-holes in the laws, and brag about it, and are deceptive to the extreme"
  Bitch, I have a white woman on my ass who knows the loop-holes in the laws, does that make her a Jew - No. The only people who brag about loop-holes  are either complete idiots such as you, or are egotistical, just like you. Anybody can know this; black, white, green... Jewish, Satanist, Buhhdist. Why are you making such uneducated,  and pointless claims that defy common sense? And to have such a high teenager following? I can see the intelligence flowing within me. Just because someone who does you wrong hurts your ego, it doesn't mean the whole race is bad. Did I mention racists have a lower IQ, than people who aren't? True story!
   How about that deception every race can show, racial profiling are we? When we talk about this deception,  what about all the people you have tricked into believing Satanism is Nazism,  and that you aren't socialist when your husband was a leader of the NSA,  and your site projects that as well. How about all the authors work you've stolen - particularly dead authors so they cannot Sue your candy ass? Hypocrite to a damn tee!
  • "Programs on the TV are programmed by Jews"

   Isn't that something the Christians said the Simpsons was Satanic, or how even the Monster Energy Drink meant 666, and was if the Devil? Or even how they said Artist Paul McCartney from The Beatles was Satanic because he had an album called "Ram"? Where's your theory of programming coming from, because looking at the way you dictate things, you permit people not to research, think for themselves, deny the Holocaust, and worship Hitler - Calling it Satanism. Please continue on all the lies woman!

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