Monday, February 19, 2018

Keeping Track

   One thing I cannot stress enough about: practitioners of the path, never keeping a Black Book! This is definitely one thing you want to keep updated, especially if you're serious in Theistic Satanism.
  1.    You can write down spells, rituals, meditations, summonings down in this book, to keep track of what you did, what parts worked for you, how effective your spell worked, what you learned about the entire experience, and how/what to change.
  2.    You can make drawings and illustraitions of what you may have seen during summoning, astral travel, or your waking life,  as well as drawing your own sigils.
  3.    I have printed off many different Occult and Left Hand Path articles, pictures, information, and put it in to folders and notebooks, to save time on writing - which takes a seriously long time. 
  4.    Having kept many Black Books over the years, it has seved me as an old reminder of my memories, workings, thoughts, and information at the time. It is nice referance to look back on your old books of information, just to refresh yourself. This is years of research and collecting, will never stop as long as I remain a dedicated Satanist.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Gates of Hell

   Not a very detailed picture, but it is a rough drawing about the size of Hell's gates and Astoroth in comparison to my guardian and I. Here's a quick exerpt from my 2013 Black Book I wrote on this subject: "I thanked Botis with the utmost respect, and he left as quickly as he came (I had summoned him to ask for help and wisdom in my struggling school life). Later that night, I was drifting in the astral, in hopes of learning something - and Labolas found me drifting in the darkness. He told me he was going to bring me to he gates of Hell, and nothing more.
   As Labolas was taking me there, a ceiling came into view, and it was like the inside of a cave. The ceiling seemed to be as high as the clouds, and the stalagmites hanging up there were small, with a gold shimmer.  Like stars in the sky clumped together in the darkness, but shining brightly on the ceiling, like fine glitter. This was certainly a magnificent sight indeed! The floor however, was nothing but a pale glittering sand, simply reflecting the dim light of above.
   After Labolas brought me through the long way, we came upon a gigantic, emerald-green dragon! I mean, this dragon was HUGE! It didn't meet the ceiling of the cave, but it came about half way. Labolas told me that this dragon was Astoroth, and that she took turns protecting the gates of Hell. Although it was here and there, it was in the form of a magnificent, emerald-green dragon. As I looked into her large and yellow eye, she stretched upwards to show her full height. Following her with my eyes, I noticed the ceiling again, but this time it was sparkling navy-blue!
   The gates where a cherry-red color, with a very dark silver border, as well as embroidered with silver leafs, and detailed thoroughly.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


I feel to write this sermon on those who struggle with having a child,  and the stress of your RHP family and/or friends. This I feel,  comes partly from my own upbringing, and the knowledge that Satan wishes us all individuality and freedom, as long it represents humans coexisting in peace. The Great War that separated Tiamat's Army,  from Enki's (Satan), Is when she turned against her own children for "disrupting her sleep and peace". Which is absolutely ridiculous considering my daughter does it every night... 😂 This Great War continues today with the Annunaki, as well as with us.
   Most of my family consists of strict Christians, with an exception of my Atheist Parents and brother. As a young child, I was brought up by my Grandparents, Aunts,  and Cousins to be a Christian. But one day, I asked my mother if she believed in "God", to which she responded with no. And then, one day at school, I found out Santa wasn't real, so I stopped believing in "God" as well. I went years being atheist from the first grade onwards, having religion forced upon me,  and being brought to Christian Bible School,  Church,  and Bible Camp,  always appalled at their ignorance, and hypocracy withing their own cult. But somehow, always had a small inkling that Satan somehow existed, or something like him did.
   Anyway, when I was around 13, I began to look for an answer to who was out there, and how the universe came to be. And to why evil existed,  and how I could be helped,  and become stronger and more knowledgeable. To witch,  I first started out researching Hinduism, and Bhuddism. Their deep understanding of power and balance within ones self appealed to me the most. After a while of digging, I of course decided it wasn't exactly what I was looking for,  and later began to research Satanism. To my surprise, there was many kinds, including the Atheist form LaVeyan Satanism. But, I was looking for then,  what is called Theistic,  Spiritual,  and Traditional Satanism - the kind where Satan is believed to actually exist.
   When I finally had the courage to come out as a satanist about a year later, I of course was given judgement by my friends,  and even then atheist parents due to their religious upbringing. A fear that I was evil,  and people in the small town I lived in became scared if me,  even some to this day. I even get pity part threats of afterlife abomination still from my family members who know. My Grandpa even told me that "God was going to burn off my Demon Sigil tattoo off, when I apparently go to heaven". When I posted a Samhain picture of my little daughter in her pentagram outfit, a family member told me "she's too young for that", to not teach her Satanism.
   My Christian family member was right, she was definitely too young to have religion force-fed down her throat as a baby,  the same as you - so shut the fuck up please,  and let me raise my demon spawn, that came out my vagina,  thank you! I am raising her with the same freedom my mother gave me,  when she chose not to force religion or atheism onto me like my family did - true expression of freedom. That of what Satan represents, and to what a basic human right from birth is,  to learn life for how it is,  now how people want you to do.
   Satan bred with primitive humans to help us evolve understanding self worth,  and freedom of expression to grown and learn from one's own mind. I want my child to grow up free,  and to learn for herself to choose what she wants,  without fear of my family,  or the fathers to teach her poison,  and bring her to church. This does not mean I advocate the Right Hand Path, as I would definitely not be happy with a choice my kid may make to join them. Rather, she'd ask me eventually what I though and believed,  I'd definitely be glad to teach her,  but to not give my daughter threats of religious damnation and brain damage from their Ignorism.
- Priestess Satanika

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Magic Lesson #4 - Energy Protection

How to use a field of energy to protect yourself from attack, and prying minds?
Visit, "Satan's Garden - Satanic Website", for more information on Theistic Satanism!

My Drawing While in "Possession" of Glasya-Labolas - 2013


Priestess Satanika - 2013 Glasya Labolas Teachings

Priestess Satanika's 2013 Black Book
I made this book when I was 17
And that's it On this subject.

Magic Lesson #3 - Simple Thanks Ritual

Just a simple ritual to the Olden Gods, and what I do.

Spiritual and Physical Effects of Marijuana....

Now,  this is a sermon I feel is very important. Not only to educate adults such as myself,  but also minors who may try this drug in curiosity. At the end of this sermon, I will entrust links to the current know facts of marijuana. As the United States is very misinformed, and quite strikingly uneducated when it comes to it's real medicine effects,  and possible negative ones as well.
   Now, when I talk about the positive effects that have worked for me, it marijuana has: got rid of my muscle pain, rid me of depression from one use for a couple of weeks at a time, helped me eat properly when extremely nauseous or sick, rid me of migraines, given me sleep when I have bad anxiety, given me energy when I felt tired, or worn out... This lust could go on and on for me, but I assure you - it's 99% positive for me.
   You may be confused to how I've listed a few effects that are the opposite of eachother. I'm here to tell you there are three dominant types of marijuana. The two kinds we smoke are Indica and Sativa. The last is Ruderalis, which actually causes nausea and headaches, has little thc, and is only sometimes used in crossbreeding. Now,  I'm going to put a few pictures below that describe the differences,  and bodily effects on humans.

    When used in Ritual,  Sativa dominant strains definitely give you a boost into the astral realm, or may bring you to a demon for the first time,  or much easier while summoning. Indica dominant strains also assist into going to the astral if combined or is a crossbreed with Sativa, giving the entire out of body experience. This can assist with deep meditation and trance to help heal your chakras pain free, help you discover your weaknesses in aura,  energies, and mind. People may say, "weed is just weed", but it's simply scientifically false.
   Different chemicals, and the amount difference in either strain affect the brain and body in different ways. This is why one strain of weed may cause you to eat the entire pantry,  and pass out stuffed, or wake you up,  and help you focus on tasks if you have issues with restlessness, or ADHD... Anyways....
   I have used only Medical based strains to help assist periodically in what I may be trying to achieve.. Because let's face it, your cousins homegrown is bunk as fuck compared to Colorado's finest. I always make sure to look up my strains HERE,  to know exactly what's in them,  and how their effects and look are. Plus,  you tend to get a cool history lesson behind the plants sometimes. In ritual, I would gather a Box full of earth, plants, rocks,  and perhaps bones for thanks. Then, go sit by the creek in the woods,  and absorb all the elements in one powerful meditation. Or, it would help me learn how to call upon,  and connect to entities, demons,  and gods better for summoning,  or astral sex, and travel.
   Please use this drug responsibly, because although it may be illegal or not in your state,  and it has been claimed to be a non addictive drug (for most users), I have seen a couple people act like a meth fiend without it. This should also be used only in a sacred act, meditation, or union if you ever want to explore the world in a deeper understanding, to heal ones body, or simply get a lubricated connection to the astral realm. 
Happy Cheeching on Valentines haha....

Dark Energy Exhale

   This exercise, is to rid your body of the negative energy accumulated over time. This energy is prone to collect in the aura, and the kundalini. We may be feeling an overwhelming depression, bodily sickness, and/or pain. If one becomes powerful enough to will these energies, they can be sent to others to absorb the nastiness, make elementals, and dark spells/magic. To rid these energies and thoughts, that have been trapped within you, follow these simple steps below...

   1. Start off by making yourself comfortable, perhaps in a sitting position
   2. If you know what areas are effected - stick with it, and go into a calm, meditative state
   3. Imagine this negative black energy leaving your body with every exhale

   This simple action of letting go or by force, this black energy is important to keeping optimal health. However, you do not want to rid your body of all of it, as all types are here to help give us balance.

Monday, February 12, 2018

My Guardian Glasya Labolas

         •Zodiac Position: 0-4 degrees of Leo
         •July 23rd-27th
         •Tarot Card: 5 of Rods
         •Planets: Sun
         •Metals: Gold
         •Candle color: Yellow
         •Plant: Rosemary
         •Element: Fire
         •Rank: President/Earl
    Glasya-Labolas is a Day Demon and rules 36 legions of spirits. He knows all ancient wisdom and occult secrets. He teaches all of the sciences and can cause murder and death. He can make one invisible and can incite bloodshed. He predicts the future and discerns the past and present. He can cause love of friends and enemies.
💬Priestess Satanika's Experiences:
Glasya-Labolas is my main personal guardian demon, and is a very good one at that! He has helped me a lot, and given me much knowledge since I've been on the Path. We've been so close and together over the years, that I could probably write a whole book about him! He is my lover, my protector, my Demon.
The first four years I knew him, I saw him in the form of an Ibizan Hound with eggshell colored fur, golden bracelets, earrings, a golden necklace, and with sky blue highlighted white wings. He was large, he was about up to the top of my rib cage only sitting down. After four years, he showed me WHAT he called his "Final", or "Real Form" Which kind of looked like the Lesser Key of Solomon form of him, but human shape like a werewolf. He is extremely loving and caring. Some days, he will sit right next to me for no reason at all, or will lie with me in my bed, or on my chest.
I have yet to see the "Human Form" of him. He told me he hasn't showed me it yet because I would "fall madly in love with him".
He works in close ties with Satan when it comes to me, and will enforce or remember things for me that Satan has told me to do, if I have forgotten it or ignored it by accident. When it comes to my well-being, Glasya does a good job looking out for me every time we are with one another, and I would do anything for him.
The sigil tattoo I got for my Guardian Demon Glasya-Labolas. I felt this would be a great first professional tattoo. This meant a lot to me as a Daughter Father trip I had in November 2014. He got the sigil of Astoroth, but for different reasons. He's a Christian, as has felt as if she has been toying with him for years, and Maybe she has? I told him not to worry, and that she would not bother him, even if he didn't believe it, that she is a good Goddess.
Next on my list would probably be either Satan's sigil, the Satanic Pentagram, or the Baphomet.

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The basic, and often false information about demons was taken from the as well as the Goetia, Dictionaire Infernal, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, Encyclopedia of Demons, and our own experiences. This is why Priestess Satanika is working on the quite tedious, and lengthy task of correcting all the falsehoods in yellow text. This is so newcomers or experienced practitioners will know the CORRECT information, and ways to summon these Gods & Demons without error, or horrible/scary consequences.

If you want to know WHAT our experiences or inputs are here on the list of Demons, look for the "💬" symbol.
 Remember, 💬 is our input or information. GOD'S we have added in will have a "📌", or push pin around the name.
We would highly recommend using the information we have put in the YELLOW text and the 💬 symbol. The names and descriptions, and legions are fine however - Just remember to do you research, as we are working hard every day to try to find and provide the best and most reliable information every day.
Please visit our JoS exposed pages here

💬His name means "Solar Calf"
"Amon" is the Egyptian Sun God Amon Ra aka Merodach and the Babylonian God "Marduk"
💬He is also a Warrior God of 50 names, and is worshiped with great respect an honor, and also called Martuk. He personally told me in the flesh his name was Marduke ("e" making an ayyy sound).
  • Zodiac Position: 0-4 Degrees of Taurus
  • April 20th-24th
  • Tarot Card: 5 of Pentacles
  • Candle color: Red or Gold
  • Plant: Nightshade
  • Planet: Sun 💬 Jupiter
  • Metal: Gold
  • Animal: Lion 💬 Snake-Dragon
  • Element of: Fire and Air 💬 Water
  • Rank: Prince
  • Amon rules over the Western Region of Hell
  • 💬Direction: South
  • Amon is a Day Demon and Governs 40 legions of spirits He discerns the past, foretells the future, reconciles friends and enemies, procures love and causes love to flourish 💬He is also the Warrior God of pure & divine justice, light, agriculture, reproduction, fertility, judgement, magic, prophecy, and is a phallic God. He is also the heir of Anu, and even surpassed sometimes crossed with Anu in his rein.
  • 💬 Number: 50
💬Priestess Satanika's Experiences:
He is a very honorable and respected God in my eyes. After all, he did Slay the evil & corrupt Great Mother Tiamat,  and saved the other God's and the Tablets from death and destruction. He is an extremely friendly God with a lot of power, and even harbors the weapon; the Thunderbolt. He is very human friendly, and is willing to help if not busy (which he very well is). He also has a high sexual appetite, is strong in words, and is a lover. He is know to visit my dreams and interact together intelligently, as well as visit me in astral form once in a while. This God is also highly respectful of women, hates injustice, and very aware of the worlds current state and suffering. I have personally met his reincarnation in the flesh, but he wishes to keep his identity secret.

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Satanic Magic Lessons - By Priestess Satanika

  Now on my YouTube, I have begun to make my Daily Satanic Magic Lesson Videos. CLICK HERE to see the first video to my playlist; Energy Stealing. Please CLICK HERE to see yesterday's update on Energy Giving, and the request of how to send me positive energies - IF YOU WISH. All others will be brushed of, and never absorbed.
Satanic Magic Lessons PLAYLIST

Priestess Satanika's YOUTUBE
Satan's Garden Satanic Website

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Energy Manipulation

Enenergy Sending... 
In response to my latest E-mail...

This is my Personal Sigil for those who wish to send positive energies...
   This is a technique used to send ones energy to another being; be it physical or astral. Please be aware that sending energies may go unnoticed or may be too weak to penetrate the beings astral shield. This is why, it is important to practice with very simple forms such as the Sun Energy Intake, or Elemental Consumption and rituals akin. 
   This technique can be used for the good of people, to help rid of mental and physical sickness, give energy, motivation,  psychic strength, ect. Or it can be used for revenge or with bad intent, as to make one Ill, help arouse negative thoughts, manipulate ones dreams, to give bad luck ect. 
   ❇ One must be very careful when manipulating their own energies, as it can cause an imbalance in the chakras, cause weakening of one's aura, physical and spiritual immunity, and even alert to those with strong third eye, and crown chakras, as well as auras, and a strong connection with a guardian of some sort. 
   1. Visualize the color of energy you wish to send, and become familiar with what each one represents. 
   2. Once you are sure on what you want to send, visualize this energy being pulled out from your aura, and concentrate it into a small ball. 
   3. Imagine This beings face, Sigil, or aura (whatever you feel most comfortable or connected to), and send the energy ball to them, and visualize it absorbing into the aura. 
   4. Repeat steps two and three for as long as desired. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Sigil of Lucifer - Pure Black - Sandalwood Pyramid Candles

   These candles are infused with the positive energy of Lucifer himself -
Price  : $5.99 USD - United States of America shipping ONLY
Made with Soy wax
Handmade from Priestess Satanika herself, and charged using the element fire. These are perfect for meditation, and calming energies as well as aromas.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Just what I've been through personally regarding deep trance, and what has worked for me....

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Demon Sex

Tips and pointers to those serious in engaging other world sex. This could be any sort of other world or astral being, including demons, gods, spirits, elementals, ect.