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Summon a Succubus/Incubus

Sex Magic

Summon a Succubus/Incubus for Sex with a Daemon (Astral Thought Forms)
- From Daemonic Love Magick, by S. Connolly

   Servitors or thought forms (i.e. entities you create to serve you and your will) can be used to do the magician’s bidding. They need a great deal of energy for their initial creation and they will need regular feeding. Treat your servitors or thought forms as familiars. They will do what you ask of them provided they are well cared for.

   To initially create the servitor, you will need a strong energy source. From my own experience, the orgasm is the best method to acquire this much energy in one instance. Plus, it’s perfect when the entities you seek to create are for the purpose of sex. Obviously, the more participants, the stronger the servitor. In this I am not necessarily suggesting orgies. Clearly you should only participate in sex magick with people you know, trust, and with whom have the same magickal goals as you. Sometimes it’s better to just work alone to create a servitor or with one partner so that you are the sole master of the servitor you’re creating.
   Ideally, to create your servitor you will want to clearly outline what you expect your servitor to do for you (in this case, sex). You will also want to give it a name and give it a symbol or sigil of your design. Give it a form if you wish. Then, within a ritual space conducive to the work (usually overseen by Ba’al or you highest Daemonic god form), you will want to masturbate or have intercourse to orgasm. At the point of orgasm, channel all of your energy to the name and sigil and imagined form of your servitor. Repeat this ritual for 7 days. Around day three or four, you will really start to feel the presence of this being you have manifested.
   Feed your servitor once a week for the first month, and once every two weeks after that. If your servitor is used often, you will need to feed it more often. Of course the beauty of the sexual servitor is that each time you have sexual relations with it, it will feed off the pleasure and orgasms it gives you. Some magicians warn that this could be dangerous because sometimes servitors will arouse you from sleep for a feeding. Some servitors can become greedy. Keep this in mind.
   Keeping more than one servitor is a great deal of work and requires the magician to expend a great deal of energy. So consider this before choosing to create more than one.

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