Sunday, March 20, 2016

How I am as a Satanist

  First of all, I believe everybody should be given equal rights, no bullshitting around. I don't care if you're black, white, homeless, rich, poor, male, female, homosexual, asexual, heterosexual, bisexual, or pansexual like me, the follower of this religion or that religion - we're are all human beings, weather we act like it or not. We will ALWAYS be different from each other for the rest of time, we will all have individual personalities and souls that make us unique in weird ways to some, and normal ways to others. The only way we'll be the same is the day we're in collective consciousness and peace,  but I don't see that happening anytime soon.
    Although, I should say that I support equal rights, this also comes with a huge amount of liberty, and freedom in ones state and country. I've seen Satanists who can be very mentally unstable to the point they think they are some sort of prophet or wonder who has reached unlimited wisdom and faith, they think they're the best. Basically kinda like the Donald Trump scum of followers. Or scum who judge people on their race, I HATE people like that, probably one of my top pet peeves for humanity's excruciatingly low logical brain cell count. Point being, I cannot stand the suppression of ones justice, and rights, but what the fuck am I supposed to do about it except write about it, so I can hope another person will maybe have the same awakening as me.
   I believe RHP (right hand path) religions to significantly lower the I.Q. in people, which results in people being more homophobic, violent, creating a type of brain cancer for future generations by breading people to believe "Hell" is an option to those who don't believe in a magical wizard with a severe egotistical problem,  and thinks people should be slaves - which they are. A Satanist is only a slave when they believe more hate will solve the worlds problems, just like the RHP dictates. A satanist is only a slave when he/she thinks they are better than everybody else for they're rather new acomplisments I should say. Most Satanists that are unstable are still young 14-17, only been a Satanist for a year or two, and already think they are the chosen prophets from Lord Satan? Hell no! Boo, you are just getting started with learning about your higher self and higher beings you can physically talk to and see, how are you gonna be the all knowing adventuring ultimate? You're not yet, I'm not yet.
   Another thing that seems to show in our younger community is the lack of dedication or understanding that your brain needs polishing, your skills spiritually must be heightened, and that it takes time for results to happen sometimes. Most go through a phase of believing the do or don't exist (Satan, demons, aliens, angels, gods, ect - whatever you want or may call them) They have very little faith, if none at all. This is perfectly normal for me considering I used to be an atheist, so if somebody who comes to me going "I don't know if I believe Satan's real or not, I haven't seen or felt, or heard him", "There's no change in my life", "I have no powers", he just doesn't freely give them away. YOU and YOU alone need to know how to get those things with trial and error. Most should slow down, and try to polish their summoning skills first thing when joining Satanism.
   Most Satanists go through what seems like Slow advancement - which is very good, because going too fast can fuck things up big time. What bothers me about most Satanists my age are either crazed JoS fanatics, or extremely under educated in many things from the way Satan or Satanism is, to different sects, to crazy RHP ideals, it never ends, the ignorance of the lack of information. You can never rush things in Satanism, spirituality, or magic in general - it just doesn't happen or else we wont learn. There's much trial and error in your  beginning and later years it's said. There's always room for new ideas, improvements, new aspects ect. Satanism has no limits to what it can be! Just always remember to slow down, experiences that may happen may be exciting, but it doesn't mean you're the first to experience or witness it. It also doesn't mean that it's perfect either.

-Priestess Satanika

I am back!

   Due to a very busy work schedule lately after graduating a few months ago, I haven't been able to write up some new content for either my site (which I cannot edit due to a lack of a laptop of computer), or my blog. But, this is going to change today because we need more content! *laughs because it's easier said than done* But, I promise I'm going to make room to try and add something to the blog more frequently, perhaps every day from now on. Satanism is not an easy road to travel on, which is why I am going to start writing again to post new content from now on.
   Although, sadly, I don't know when I can update the website, but I will be posting to here, and on my new Tumblr blog; Priestess-Satanika. Please keep in tune because I plan to update, and put in some new content tonight!

Ave Satanas, sinners!
   -Priestess Satanika