Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Contact with the Priestess

   Hello! I have made a new Facebook Page regarding myself, if any of you feel the need to contact me in search of information. I feel those of you who do contact me through Kik, and by other means should have a more easily available way to do so. IF you want to send a chat, do so by all means. Please understand I lead a busy life, and may not get back to you immediately. If you want to be opted into more notifications about Satan's Garden Satanic Website updates, please leave a like as well.
Thank you all, and HAIL SATAN!


The Idiocy of the Masses

   I feel this is a very important topic for everybody to read – understanding all walks of life come to join us as brothers and sisters in Satanism, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation – we are all the same human race. By no means do any of these factors exclude you from Satan himself accepting you, or any of the gods. This is the same mistake the Right Hand Path makes when they think “Jesus” was so called a man with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin. If he really had existed, historically he would have been a middle eastern man with tan skin and dark course hair – and by no means be called Jesus.
   This particular problem concerned me as I pondered upon a screenshot from one of my Satanic brothers online, exclaiming his disgust of another, who actually claimed Satan doesn’t accept blacks. This has to be one of the most ignorant things I have read in a while, due to the fact that the first humans originated in Africa and the Middle East, and where historically black or tan skinned. This was long before whites ran rampant, and seemingly where so called “more significant” than another human race – which is absolutely absurd.
   Satan didn’t help create us, and give human kind a chance for free will and advancement for nothing. This type of racism is exactly what the enemy Gods want – for this type of fighting is one of the things that separated them as well. I am going to say this now, as a decent human being – Shut the fuck up, and quit being an ignorant pile of shit, because the color of our skin, have nothing to do with who Satan will and won’t accept. Grow up, and learn a little respect and realize that it has been proven that people with lower intelligence, are generally (does not mean all), racist versus the non-racist.
   This is also an obvious sign that one’s Kundalini has not descended as well. When this happens, let it make me clear to you; you learn respect for all living beings, and see that even some animals have a bigger aura and are stronger than you sometimes. Don’t pull the usual edgy anti-religion card and say, “Well, I don’t have to love everybody”, because it’s not about that. It’s about the summarization that your petty ego has been eliminated, and you finally understand that all life is equal. The fact that you think you’re worth more as a person because of what another is, is ridiculous. Think of yourself as an insignificant speck out there in the world, because they are in fact millions more out there, who are exactly like you.

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