Friday, October 9, 2015

Blocked Chakras

*How to know when your chakras are blocked*
- You experience mental instabilit such as; feeling sad, depressed, even suicidal 
- You experience physical pain; severe to light back pain or pain in the spinal column, sore muscles, it hurts on your chakra centers, you head hurts really bad, your skin feels dry or your throat to the point of it feeling blistered or burnt, your joints hurt severely
- You have severe mental blocks; you cannot speak your mind, your sexuality is severely suppressed, you cannot feel creative or express lack of interest
*How to know what chakras are blocked or expressing over stimulation*
   1. Base Chakra (Tail bone)
Blocked: Lack of sex drive, obesity, cannot feel grounded, lack of self esteem or self praise or appreciation, food issues, issues with health in general, numbness
Over-Stimulation: Obsessed with sexual desire, egotistical, selfish to the point of wanting to control or dominate others, impulsive
   2. Sacral Chakra (Privates)
Blocked: full of feel, anxious, shy, doesn't strust people or situations or the self, back pain, cannot feel passion or expresses lack of passion
Over-Stimulation: Manipulative, uses others weather it be non sexual or sexual, wants things only for themselves and nobody else, aggressive to people around them
   3. Solar Plexus (Stomach or Belly Button)
Blocked: Low self esteem, no energy whatsoever, insecurity with one's self, stomach issues such as pain or cramping, control issues
Over-Stimulation: Satanic Superman Syndrome (See Ego in the Our Morals Page), resents and hates authority or people in power, overly sensitive,
   4. Heart Chakra (Heart)
Blocked: Feels sorry for one's self and cannot let go of things, loneliness, paranoid, feels lack of purpose for ones self and their life, cannot love one's self, lung issues,
Over-Stimulation: Bipolar, high periods of up and down moods like a roller coaster, possessive, demanding of others, mood swings
   5. Throat Chakra (Throat)
Blocked: Manipulative, cannot express feelings or thought, is cowardly, sore throat, sicknesses with the throat,
Over-Stimulation: arrogant, Satanic Superman Syndrome, things they are the all knowing, forces others to praise them or believe in what they believe or do
   6. Third Eye Chakra (Inbetween Eyebrows)
Blocked: Unable to face reality, nightmares, epileptic, schizophrenic, afraid to be a good person or afraid to succeed, oversensitiveness, undisciplined, cannot sleep,
Over-Stimulation: Egotistical, talks down to others and insults others, arrogant, 
   7. Crown Chakra (Above Head)
Blocked: Creative block, cannot make decisions, finds lack of joy in their activities and life, masochistic, idealism,
Over-Stimulation: severe headaches, Bipolar, frustrated, spiritual obsession,

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