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High Priest Tiklos & Priestess Satanika - JoS and it's Leader Maxine 10/14/15

High Priest Tiklos & Priestess Satanika - JoS and it's Leader Maxine, interview #2

Okay, first question
   1. What do you feel JoS represents to both Andrea, and the follower? (Trying to get opinions other than my own)

-- The the early (fresh) follower, it represents an active answer to Satanism. Providing an alternative to Luciferianism as well as LaVeyan Satanism. It gives the hope when it introduces meditations and craft practices, which give the fresh follower hope that they can be great witches and even greater Gods... 

The more adept followers see through the bullshit of false hope, and are more drawn into the Hatred of Jews and other races. They are the ones who've "Heiled Hitler" long before finding Joy of Satan.

To Andrea, it represents a ministry in which she can run into many sheep. Instead of a Christian approach, she takes the opposite route.  She damns "God" and "Jesus" repeatedly and curses Jews and None-Joy of Satan followers because she knows that scientifically, if she does this a lot, the mind of the reader will bend her way.  It represents a Pay-Check for her and a way to fund her husbands desires of raping underage children.

   2. Tell me about the scandal she went under fire when she supposedly "freed the Goetic demons with sex". To you veleive the claims of Child molestation are true?

--As a general rule, any case of "Molestation" that involves either her, or her husband are true.

According to every Goetic Demon (all 72 of them) Sex does not free them from anything, as they are not trapped anywhere. They remain in their Own Realms where they are the most powerful.  You cannot free a being that is already free. Besides, sex pacts with certain Demons (because only a small portion will even consider it) are rare and considered the lowest of the low.  She teaches Satanism is about Ascension to Godhood, but revels in the carnal lusts of the flesh. Why worry about the flesh when you're working to obtain Godhood?

Good question.
   3. It looks like she mixes LaVeyan roots with reversed Christianity, and claims Jews are Satan's enemy - using psychology and hatred. Is there any evidence to suggest Satanism was ever about hating Jews before she came onto the scene, and would you consider her to be Spiritual or truly Theistic at all?

--There is no evidence that Satanism is about hate, period. No matter their religion, nationality, or anything. She not only mixes LaVeyan with Reverse Christianity, but she also mixes the Americanized version of Adolf Hitler and the American Neo-Nazi beliefs into Satanism.  Everyone with a brain knows that Hitler was a Devout Catholic, he even admitted it. but she hides this little tidbit, and when people bring it up, she labels them "Infidel" and "Traitor"  and blasts them so badly to her egroup that no one will listen.

Just neither spiritual nor theistic, she is still that atheist who came to me wanting to learn, she just used that knowledge to herd the sheep in and get money.

   4. She even claims that the SS and Death Hats practiced pagan rituals, and praised Satan,  and completely denys that Hitler cf a used the death of millions of Jews, why do you believe she claims these things - to suck in teens, and add more false credit to her stories?

--Oh definitely.. The SS, Luftwaffe, so-called "Death Hats" (which don't exist in History)  we're all Christian followers. As far as the claims of the Occult that Hitler was rumored to have taken part in, all rumor.. meant to demonize Hitler and the Nazi Party to Westerners.

   5. You claim she was an atheist when you first met her who called Theistic Satanism bullshit, why is this, and why do you think she was so igborants as to claim she is Spiritual to thousands of teens?

--Every Preacher claims they are the most faithful when they start a Ministry, but ultimately all they want is the vast amounts of money handed over by the gullible.

No religion is immune to these types of Predators, not even Satanism. Andrea is just another Predator out to feed upon the wallets of the Sheep.  She's no more spiritual than my coffee cup.

Atheists see religion and spirituality as crocks, as bullshit.. Crazy people claiming wild things  that cannot be proven.. She still believes this, she just sees that there are more people, especially teens and repressed people such as Africans, who will give anything to rebel against the oppression that is Christianity. If they feel as though they have ANY power over their oppressors whatsoever, then they will pay millions to obtain that power. Andrea sees this weakness in humankind and she, like many other false prophets, seeks to exploit it.

6. Why do you believe she is atheist? It seems even through her bull, she is very devout. Couldn't she just be a fanatic?

--Asides from the fact that most Atheist rarely ever change to adopt a faith, her approach and presentation... All other faiths and paths (of even Satanism) are false and don't exist.. Only her exact path is true.. Anyone who studies or even cracks open a single book knows that one specific method isn't the ONLY method... As the saying goes; There's more than one way to skin a cat.

All she does is promote her merchandise, there is no conviction there, to a trained eye of course.

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