Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Energy Stealing

­čî╣Energy Stealing­čî╣

This is considered to be a Black Magic exercise,  ONLY if you are taking energy from a being without it's consent or without them knowing. This practice can do many things to both people involved. For you, it can give you energy, information about the other person, feelings. For the other person, it can cause major issues, such as; Low energy, sickness, depression, sleepiness, pain, and even death.

1. Make sure you visually know what he person looks like before you do this, in order to establish a better connection.
2. Relax yourself, and do the 666 breath to calm your mind, nerves, and body.
3. After you have completed step two, visualize the targeted person, and see the white life energy leaving their body. After a while, you should be able to feel it, and even see their energy with your own eyes!
4. Bring the life energy over to you in either a stream or a ball, and absorb it into either your lungs, skin, or both. Move the energy around your body, and repeat.

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