Saturday, October 10, 2015

Earth Element Meditation

   This is an easy meditation that can usually be done by beginners that are of Earth Element, or people who wish to meditate on earths benefits.
- Attributes to Earth:
Money, Grounding, fertility, Stabilization, discipline
- Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus (Priestess Satanika), and Virgo
- Personality: Serious, logical, wise about conserving and saving, contemplates both sides of the story, hates injustice, emotional but caring, likes to be stable,  dislikes the disorderly things in life
Earth Element Meditation
   The first step you may want to take first, is cleaning your chakras. This will ensure that maximum energy is absorbed during the meditation, so that it may flow and absorb more freely. When out chakras are blocked, it prevents the proper amount of energy absorbing in certain points of our bodies and mind. It could be comparable to a rusty bearing that needs to be sprayed with some WD40.
   1. You will need to go outside, and sit somewhere on the care ground
   2. Get comfortable, cross your legs, lie down, ect
   3. Now do the 666 Breath (Inhale for six seconds, hold for six seconds, and exhale for six seconds) until you have become completely comfortable and you can no longer feel your body, and no longer have any extra thoughts
   4. After you are completely relaxed, imagine and see a green and white energy of the Earth coming out of the ground, and with each inhale, it is absorbing into your body. Hold this for six seconds, and imagine this energy absorbing into you blood, your muscles, your skin. Exhale the negative and sick black energy from your body afterwards,  and repeat until all the negative energy is repelled from your body. 
   Afterwards, you should feel as if your energy has replenished itself, happiness, creativity, understanding and peace, you may feel the beauty in life around you, and can create a pulsing sensation or a vibration within the core of your body.

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