Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Priestess Satanica interviews friend (R.K.) about the JoS Followers 10/14/15

   1. What behaviors did you exhibit in the JoS followers? They all seem to blame shift and deny evidence, did you find this to be true?

--The JOS followers were mostly negative, doing nothing and only spreading hate to not only Jews, but also Christians or people that disagreed with them. What I particularly disliked about discussions, was that they would deny evidence and say 'it is corrupted by Jews', which, of course, they had no evidence of.

   2. When you spoke with these people, how did they treat you when you stated ideas or Facts within the Theistic Satanism community?

--When I stated ideas, I was mostly cut off with a simple 'shut up', or my ideas were brushed off with the statements that it was corrupted. I also got kicked out later for my discussions and got called a Jew and antisatan.

3. Why do you believe they wouldn't listen to you, or be open as Theistic/Spiritual Satanism is about?

--Because they are scared to shift away from the ideas of Joyofsatan. I could swear I have seen that Maxine threatened people on the forums, that unless they follow orders, Satan is not going to welcome them in the afterlife. Also, they have a set path they follow, and they are scared they would be lost with nothing to do without it.

4. So in other words, they are sheep, no? Can you explain - did they seem more afraid or ignorant of your ideas, and the True Theistic ways?

--Yes, they do sort of seem to me as sheep. They were ignorant of my ideas and the ideas of theistic satanism, because they were so persuaded by their beliefs. Also, I wouldnt say 'true', because everyone has their own path and should do research to find what is best for them. Then, yet again, I think we can all agree on the fact that a high being like Satan would not be so full of hate on an ethnic.

Very true, there is no "true path".
5. When talking to or confronting these people, how did they treat you? It seems they like to believe they are better and more knowledgeable than others? Do you believe this stems from Maxine or Andrea Herrington?

--These people were confronting, always saying how I was the one with the insecurities, because they needed to throw blame at someone for their own insecurities. I have also asked some of them why they were hating me, they replied: "I dont know, Im just following the others" . As for where it comes from, I have no idea. It could be from the groups and forums, where they consider themselves to be over everyone else.

6. Due to their lack of free will and a free mind, do you think they are particularly brainwased into Maxine's trap? When confronted by people in the Satanic community who are Spiritual, Theistic, or traditional Satanists, they backlash with blame shifting, and reverse Christianity techniques used by Christians themselves, why do you think this is?

--I think this is because the joyofsatan website is the first experience they have with satanism. Maxine funds this website and it is quite popular, I have also found it in some of viral videos on youtube. The problem with jos is that they state facts about spirituality, like power meditations etc. People then try to meditate and then they are like " Holy cow, this actually works!"

And that gets them stuck into this fact accepting pit, like at school. They presume everything handed to them from tht source is correct, like at school we dont question what we are being learned.

7. Mostly teens are targeted by this in fact. In Theistic Satanism we are encouraged to research, why do you believe they lack these proper Occult tools?

--Because if they researched, maybe they would find out that actually what they follow is extremist and based on little truths about satanism.

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