Monday, September 18, 2017

Our Own Salvation

   Many of us come to discover Satanism as a young teenager. it could be due to curiosity, rebellion, to fill the void - for whatever reason it shall be or was. I personally was an atheist, and so where my family;  all four of us. All my life I had Christianity shoved down my throat by the rest of my family,  and hated it. I always knew it was a wrong and hateful path,  as I was raised to be open minded and treat everybody with respect.
   This type of poison with Right Hand Path religions breeds generations and centuries of what they call justifiable hate towards all other religion,  sexual orientation,  color,  and even gender. It is a book that is used to control the weak minded who need excuses to be a good person,  or imaginary promises,  in fear of burning for eternity.
   Let me tell you this - you will only live in Hell for eternity if you choose the Right Hand Path to follow, because it is an ignorant, and poisonous cancer to heath,  and humanity. Their Hell is their own damnation by being eradicated of true spirituality, and empowerment of our own souls and afterlife. They choose to repeat each life with promises of a heaven that they never had,  and out of no work or dedication to their own salvation.
   Being this young,  as a teen or by just happening upon our lovely society,  this can be alarmingly scary and confusing. Even so being this all you ever knew once and so many others,  it's hard not to follow the crowd,  for it is a human survival technique. They take the most easy way out, which is ignorance,  non effective,  and flay out denial of their own demise.
   We work towards our so called nirvana, not in promised peace and laziness,  but in self determination and will. We do not advance even into Godhood - which is the last step as a human before our ego let's go,  and the Kundalini rises understanding peace and equality from the good and bad.
   Many are blinded and feel a month of meditation will make the Kundalini rise, or are​ impatient,  and cannot grasp peace and understanding of all peoples,  sides,  or cultures. One who had dropped ego,  bragging,  hatred,  and negative destructive thoughts. This is a sure way to stay unrisen,  and many who have more experience can tell the difference just by attitude alone.
   If you happen to be new on the path,  you will always spot the fakers or ones trying to fit in. They are usually still kids themselves or non-adults,  get mad at others opinions,  make fun of those who have had personal experiences with energies,  the gods, or magic ect,  full of hatred for others with no empathy or understanding of differences. These are ones who in fact have had no experience, or lack of. They tend to feel alone so lie to impress others, or make claims to seem powerful when they clearly have no true knowledge of Godhood or how to even begin to raise the serpent.
   We cannot stop the cycle of rebirth if we cannot achieve balance between the feminine and male energies,  and if we cannot do this,  we cannot raise the Kundalini. This is apparent in those who act out of violence when in the Satanic communities or make fun with lack of individuality. These are people with sad fruitless,  and quite more often than not weak lives and spirituality.

-Priestess Satanika

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