Monday, November 6, 2017

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Priestess Satanika Tarot & Occult 

   Hello, and welcome to your future! As I will be glad to serve you and your needs, I will now be doing Online Tarot readings by E-Mail!
   I have actively been practicing Tarot since the age of 11, ever since my Mother showed me her deck and book - which has led to ten years of polishing and learning to acquire the skills I have today. These prepaid Tarot readings will be done by none other, than I; Priestess Satanika myself - and creator of this site. I consider myself a professional for doing so for ten years, and always maintaining a professional, positive, and successful reading empowerment as well as paid tutoring to help your future, or teach you how to yourself!
   Being dedicated on here for almost four years has brought a growing community of us "gardeners" as I like to call us all. For I highly encourage new, young, old, and experienced Satanist alike to actively pursue the daily task of retaining in proper knowledge on the path. We are constantly and fast growing, always "gardening" for more information of all LHP (Left Hand Path) subjects and/or experiences. Hopefully with these seeds I plant, many others will begin to grow, and pass on the knowledge positively to more - so that they may too.
   After almost four entire years of running this website, I've always wanted to make a supportive and social community to support one another, and pass on and/or retain knowledge to yourself, and everybody else - which gets me to my point:
I am now asking you guys for help; to make this website grow even further - by helping me promote, obtain, and create a better portal on this site, and into your futures. I will be using the funds to recruit other members in the Satanic communities within the city of Minneapolis to work on this site, making it not only more of a bowl for knowledge, but to make the site better in itself and more easy for our community to learn. Such as; making an Occult store to sell needed items in private packages ( ranging anywhere from black candles, to crystals, and even spell basket kits), obtaining finally a REAL domain name so we may become official, and easier to find, create free memberships and newsletters on and outside the site, arrange meetings in large cities across the United States, and even my biggest dream - To start a Theistic church HERE in Minneapolis.
All of this support starts with you, are you willing to help your Satanic community by taking this next great step with me? Are you willing to take knowledge, communication, and our growth to the next step?

If you have said yes to any of this, and would love the opportunities and help I'm going to give you and the Theistic, Spiritual, and Traditional Satanic communities, then feel free to donate below via PayPal, or sign up for a professional Tarot reading today with none other Priestess Satanika, and her group of Gardeners.

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