Thursday, November 30, 2017

JoS: Jews are taking down our website!

 Net Neutraily, what is it?
   Donald trump, has recently proposed this unfortunate, and money fishing internet constriction a thing again. What this means, is that an internet provider of any kind can restrict how much data you use, by simply refusing to load any more pages, or the continuing of a singular page. Instead of you running out of data and not being able to see anything, they ban traffic that sucks up too much bandwidth (YouTube, online gaming), cut you off mid paragra[Subscribe to our Premium Internet Service, to continue reading]. This can be confusing to those who don't understand networking, and what this law means. This saves companies HUGE money by charging people more for less, and saving their own bandwidth - instead of letting people allowed to read full pages without upgrading their internet contract.
   Net Neutrialy, ensures that all people get equal amounts of information, despite how cheap their plan is, or who provides their internet. This has nothing to do with religious or racial reasons like "high Priest Hooded Cobra" trys to explain. In fact, he has it all ass backwards by not only falsely interpreted this law, but by saying Net Neutrialy is suppression and religious profiling - when it's the exact opposite. The United States government MAY NOT ban religious nor free speech, (look up the First Amendment) this is ILLEGAL, and a suppression of equality and rights. If you want somebody to blame, use our racist, ignorant, and belligerent "president" as your excuse. Oh, and by the way, he's a Protestant, not a Jew.
   This could be seen in a way as stripping people of their rights, as in such a way the poor, or people with limited internet access may be denied the reading, streaming, uploading, and downloading privileges in a way. In all reality, nobody is stripping anybody of their rights, but are just capitalist innuendos to inconveniently make people shell out more money, to see more content. You can read what is there on that website, but not the whole page unless you pay more money pretty much. This particular internet problem, is why I HIGHLY encourage people to have Black Books to write, or print off any information they can.
1. The "ritual" they provided is an energy fused prayer
2. They are using Enochian - Which is an Occult Angelic language and practice. Hooded Cobra wrote that Occultists are enemy fakes of the RHP
3. Throwing your energy into the wind using a prayer, is like telling a rock to turn into a bar of gold - It doesn't work, and is an utter waste of valuable energy
   All in all, this man is spreading false information, ignorance, and hypocrisy. If you want to make a change, you use logical non-violent speeches, reason, equality, and peaceful and law-abiding protests, not talking into the wind!

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