Thursday, February 15, 2018


I feel to write this sermon on those who struggle with having a child,  and the stress of your RHP family and/or friends. This I feel,  comes partly from my own upbringing, and the knowledge that Satan wishes us all individuality and freedom, as long it represents humans coexisting in peace. The Great War that separated Tiamat's Army,  from Enki's (Satan), Is when she turned against her own children for "disrupting her sleep and peace". Which is absolutely ridiculous considering my daughter does it every night... 😂 This Great War continues today with the Annunaki, as well as with us.
   Most of my family consists of strict Christians, with an exception of my Atheist Parents and brother. As a young child, I was brought up by my Grandparents, Aunts,  and Cousins to be a Christian. But one day, I asked my mother if she believed in "God", to which she responded with no. And then, one day at school, I found out Santa wasn't real, so I stopped believing in "God" as well. I went years being atheist from the first grade onwards, having religion forced upon me,  and being brought to Christian Bible School,  Church,  and Bible Camp,  always appalled at their ignorance, and hypocracy withing their own cult. But somehow, always had a small inkling that Satan somehow existed, or something like him did.
   Anyway, when I was around 13, I began to look for an answer to who was out there, and how the universe came to be. And to why evil existed,  and how I could be helped,  and become stronger and more knowledgeable. To witch,  I first started out researching Hinduism, and Bhuddism. Their deep understanding of power and balance within ones self appealed to me the most. After a while of digging, I of course decided it wasn't exactly what I was looking for,  and later began to research Satanism. To my surprise, there was many kinds, including the Atheist form LaVeyan Satanism. But, I was looking for then,  what is called Theistic,  Spiritual,  and Traditional Satanism - the kind where Satan is believed to actually exist.
   When I finally had the courage to come out as a satanist about a year later, I of course was given judgement by my friends,  and even then atheist parents due to their religious upbringing. A fear that I was evil,  and people in the small town I lived in became scared if me,  even some to this day. I even get pity part threats of afterlife abomination still from my family members who know. My Grandpa even told me that "God was going to burn off my Demon Sigil tattoo off, when I apparently go to heaven". When I posted a Samhain picture of my little daughter in her pentagram outfit, a family member told me "she's too young for that", to not teach her Satanism.
   My Christian family member was right, she was definitely too young to have religion force-fed down her throat as a baby,  the same as you - so shut the fuck up please,  and let me raise my demon spawn, that came out my vagina,  thank you! I am raising her with the same freedom my mother gave me,  when she chose not to force religion or atheism onto me like my family did - true expression of freedom. That of what Satan represents, and to what a basic human right from birth is,  to learn life for how it is,  now how people want you to do.
   Satan bred with primitive humans to help us evolve understanding self worth,  and freedom of expression to grown and learn from one's own mind. I want my child to grow up free,  and to learn for herself to choose what she wants,  without fear of my family,  or the fathers to teach her poison,  and bring her to church. This does not mean I advocate the Right Hand Path, as I would definitely not be happy with a choice my kid may make to join them. Rather, she'd ask me eventually what I though and believed,  I'd definitely be glad to teach her,  but to not give my daughter threats of religious damnation and brain damage from their Ignorism.
- Priestess Satanika

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