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The basic, and often false information about demons was taken from the as well as the Goetia, Dictionaire Infernal, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, Encyclopedia of Demons, and our own experiences. This is why Priestess Satanika is working on the quite tedious, and lengthy task of correcting all the falsehoods in yellow text. This is so newcomers or experienced practitioners will know the CORRECT information, and ways to summon these Gods & Demons without error, or horrible/scary consequences.

If you want to know WHAT our experiences or inputs are here on the list of Demons, look for the "💬" symbol.
 Remember, 💬 is our input or information. GOD'S we have added in will have a "📌", or push pin around the name.
We would highly recommend using the information we have put in the YELLOW text and the 💬 symbol. The names and descriptions, and legions are fine however - Just remember to do you research, as we are working hard every day to try to find and provide the best and most reliable information every day.
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💬His name means "Solar Calf"
"Amon" is the Egyptian Sun God Amon Ra aka Merodach and the Babylonian God "Marduk"
💬He is also a Warrior God of 50 names, and is worshiped with great respect an honor, and also called Martuk. He personally told me in the flesh his name was Marduke ("e" making an ayyy sound).
  • Zodiac Position: 0-4 Degrees of Taurus
  • April 20th-24th
  • Tarot Card: 5 of Pentacles
  • Candle color: Red or Gold
  • Plant: Nightshade
  • Planet: Sun 💬 Jupiter
  • Metal: Gold
  • Animal: Lion 💬 Snake-Dragon
  • Element of: Fire and Air 💬 Water
  • Rank: Prince
  • Amon rules over the Western Region of Hell
  • 💬Direction: South
  • Amon is a Day Demon and Governs 40 legions of spirits He discerns the past, foretells the future, reconciles friends and enemies, procures love and causes love to flourish 💬He is also the Warrior God of pure & divine justice, light, agriculture, reproduction, fertility, judgement, magic, prophecy, and is a phallic God. He is also the heir of Anu, and even surpassed sometimes crossed with Anu in his rein.
  • 💬 Number: 50
💬Priestess Satanika's Experiences:
He is a very honorable and respected God in my eyes. After all, he did Slay the evil & corrupt Great Mother Tiamat,  and saved the other God's and the Tablets from death and destruction. He is an extremely friendly God with a lot of power, and even harbors the weapon; the Thunderbolt. He is very human friendly, and is willing to help if not busy (which he very well is). He also has a high sexual appetite, is strong in words, and is a lover. He is know to visit my dreams and interact together intelligently, as well as visit me in astral form once in a while. This God is also highly respectful of women, hates injustice, and very aware of the worlds current state and suffering. I have personally met his reincarnation in the flesh, but he wishes to keep his identity secret.

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