Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Spiritual and Physical Effects of Marijuana....

Now,  this is a sermon I feel is very important. Not only to educate adults such as myself,  but also minors who may try this drug in curiosity. At the end of this sermon, I will entrust links to the current know facts of marijuana. As the United States is very misinformed, and quite strikingly uneducated when it comes to it's real medicine effects,  and possible negative ones as well.
   Now, when I talk about the positive effects that have worked for me, it marijuana has: got rid of my muscle pain, rid me of depression from one use for a couple of weeks at a time, helped me eat properly when extremely nauseous or sick, rid me of migraines, given me sleep when I have bad anxiety, given me energy when I felt tired, or worn out... This lust could go on and on for me, but I assure you - it's 99% positive for me.
   You may be confused to how I've listed a few effects that are the opposite of eachother. I'm here to tell you there are three dominant types of marijuana. The two kinds we smoke are Indica and Sativa. The last is Ruderalis, which actually causes nausea and headaches, has little thc, and is only sometimes used in crossbreeding. Now,  I'm going to put a few pictures below that describe the differences,  and bodily effects on humans.

    When used in Ritual,  Sativa dominant strains definitely give you a boost into the astral realm, or may bring you to a demon for the first time,  or much easier while summoning. Indica dominant strains also assist into going to the astral if combined or is a crossbreed with Sativa, giving the entire out of body experience. This can assist with deep meditation and trance to help heal your chakras pain free, help you discover your weaknesses in aura,  energies, and mind. People may say, "weed is just weed", but it's simply scientifically false.
   Different chemicals, and the amount difference in either strain affect the brain and body in different ways. This is why one strain of weed may cause you to eat the entire pantry,  and pass out stuffed, or wake you up,  and help you focus on tasks if you have issues with restlessness, or ADHD... Anyways....
   I have used only Medical based strains to help assist periodically in what I may be trying to achieve.. Because let's face it, your cousins homegrown is bunk as fuck compared to Colorado's finest. I always make sure to look up my strains HERE,  to know exactly what's in them,  and how their effects and look are. Plus,  you tend to get a cool history lesson behind the plants sometimes. In ritual, I would gather a Box full of earth, plants, rocks,  and perhaps bones for thanks. Then, go sit by the creek in the woods,  and absorb all the elements in one powerful meditation. Or, it would help me learn how to call upon,  and connect to entities, demons,  and gods better for summoning,  or astral sex, and travel.
   Please use this drug responsibly, because although it may be illegal or not in your state,  and it has been claimed to be a non addictive drug (for most users), I have seen a couple people act like a meth fiend without it. This should also be used only in a sacred act, meditation, or union if you ever want to explore the world in a deeper understanding, to heal ones body, or simply get a lubricated connection to the astral realm. 
Happy Cheeching on Valentines haha....

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