Friday, February 23, 2018

The Electricity of Earth, Air, and Water

   The Ancient Egyptians, knew about these naturally flowing particles of energy - thousands of years ago. It is apparent when we observe the Great Pyramids: built on underground aquifers and flowing water, passages lined with radioactive granite, which produced radon gas, an electricity conducting limestone with embedded quartz on the inside, and once on the outside was a non-conductive limestone, to keep the energies inside ( which has been eroded off over thousands of years). As this radioactive air was energized by the electrical current, and conductive limestone, it was said to light up the gases, and give the surrounding area a glow, and electrical charge.
  The electricity in the air alone, if properly harnessed and known to the people, is sufficient to all our electrical needs - and we can do it for free. in the 1900's, Nicola Tesla knew about the energies in our surrounding environment as well, and proposed to release his free energy solution to the public. But, he was quickly shut out by the public who didn't understand him, or by those who wanted to make a capitalist prophet off of free energy - such as Thomas Edison.
  This energy in the air is everywhere, but can be more apparent in places with flowing water above, or beneath ground, places naturally high with conductive metals, and crystals, and places active with plenty of thunder storms. These specific places if know to us, can be of great use for absorbing a natural, and powerful lower frequency energy.. This type of energy feeds our Third Eye and Crown Chakras tremendously. This is also so for our Astral Body and Auras.
   Us humans also have our own electrical charge and frequency - all living beings and matter is flowing with energy. Planets send off sound with radio waves like a giant antenna in space. Lightning makes a pinging and static sound when picked up with special radios, the earth makes it's very own sound too. Everything that is matter is energy, and has movement and electric charge. Below, I will present a few YouTube links, so you can experience these sounds:

   Due to the infinite supply of electrical energy, we can meditate to a a trance state, and use our astral bodies to absorb this powerful energy. Many frequency's correspond to both health benefits, and health illnesses - please visit HERE for more on this subject. Here is a basic deep trance technique to help your astral body absorb the energy out of the air:

  1. Relax, and meditate until your entire body goes numb. Once this happens, will your astral body from your physical one,and explore your astral environment. 
  2. Visualize the particles in the space around you being attracted slightly to your aura, as an impact with bright light - this could be any color.
  3. When this quick burst of light happens, will your aura to absorb these excited particles,and repeat the entire process for as long as you will.

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