Friday, February 23, 2018

Great Mother Tiamat

Anunnaki: Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Mesopotamian

    This article is written for practitioners who are well developed and in tune with solar energies, and well as in tune with the Earth and Astral. This is a risky prayer to perhaps the better side in Satanism, rather than to the darker side of humanity and it's knowledge of disregard to fellow homo-sapiens. IN OTHER WORDS, this is written on the side of Tiamat's army for the destruction of everybody but herself. As well as the Anunnaki and us half-lings both - we are at war with the extinction of our family line forever. However, on the side of Tiamat, there is a universal acknowledgement of one's own pain and unimportant biological existence - aka survival instinct, and fear of dying out.
   Satan/Enki already knows what I'm doing, and as a result, it is a bit frightening to me. This is an energy experiment of the opposite side of Lord Enki - Our creator. If you expect results in any type of Black Magic, you first need to experiment. Many things as Satanists, as a whole, is a very grey area due to the small input of experience and knowledge publicly. This in turn spreads a lot of false ideals and workings, due to the fact that everybody has different experiences. The race of Homo-Sapiens and Anunnaki are half similar in some ancient blood still today (mainly consisting of untouched tribes of African and Middle Eastern regions of the world today, except 6-20,000 years ago BC).
   We can see our ever present resemblance to them today, such as repeating the same eventual nuclear destruction of our Native Planet, such as they did thousands of years ago. We are still hugely unaware of our potential power, most of humanity has hidden away with false prophets - a fact. However, I do not once disregard the fact of life - science. This does tend to conflict with me a lot, since science and Theistic Satanism, are in fact opposites. Due to my belief of extraterrestrial life, and knowledge of some modern scientific knowledge - crossbreeding is possible. This is especially true when we look at GMO's, pure-breeding, natural selection, birth defects, DNA mutation, and domestication. This is how all living life all over the universe exists - HERE IN OURS ANYWAY.
   Looking back on mother Tiamat, she is the first being we currently know of, and creator of all Anunnaki and is the very ancient relative of us Homo-Sapiens indeed. I have merely written this to give people a slightly better understanding of the first intelligent life form. But she is a Mother of great corruption, advocates the destruction of all Anunnaki and Humans, and wishes to have a partner is total obedience and peace. By creating your own workings with the help of Tiamat - would be your enemy turn on Theistic Satanism, and ancient Sumerian Religions as well. Do not worship this Goddess until you do extensive research on her history, origins, and her true symbolism.
Marduk Attacking Tiamat

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