Sunday, February 11, 2018

Energy Manipulation

Enenergy Sending... 
In response to my latest E-mail...

This is my Personal Sigil for those who wish to send positive energies...
   This is a technique used to send ones energy to another being; be it physical or astral. Please be aware that sending energies may go unnoticed or may be too weak to penetrate the beings astral shield. This is why, it is important to practice with very simple forms such as the Sun Energy Intake, or Elemental Consumption and rituals akin. 
   This technique can be used for the good of people, to help rid of mental and physical sickness, give energy, motivation,  psychic strength, ect. Or it can be used for revenge or with bad intent, as to make one Ill, help arouse negative thoughts, manipulate ones dreams, to give bad luck ect. 
   ❇ One must be very careful when manipulating their own energies, as it can cause an imbalance in the chakras, cause weakening of one's aura, physical and spiritual immunity, and even alert to those with strong third eye, and crown chakras, as well as auras, and a strong connection with a guardian of some sort. 
   1. Visualize the color of energy you wish to send, and become familiar with what each one represents. 
   2. Once you are sure on what you want to send, visualize this energy being pulled out from your aura, and concentrate it into a small ball. 
   3. Imagine This beings face, Sigil, or aura (whatever you feel most comfortable or connected to), and send the energy ball to them, and visualize it absorbing into the aura. 
   4. Repeat steps two and three for as long as desired. 

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