Monday, February 12, 2018

My Guardian Glasya Labolas

         •Zodiac Position: 0-4 degrees of Leo
         •July 23rd-27th
         •Tarot Card: 5 of Rods
         •Planets: Sun
         •Metals: Gold
         •Candle color: Yellow
         •Plant: Rosemary
         •Element: Fire
         •Rank: President/Earl
    Glasya-Labolas is a Day Demon and rules 36 legions of spirits. He knows all ancient wisdom and occult secrets. He teaches all of the sciences and can cause murder and death. He can make one invisible and can incite bloodshed. He predicts the future and discerns the past and present. He can cause love of friends and enemies.
💬Priestess Satanika's Experiences:
Glasya-Labolas is my main personal guardian demon, and is a very good one at that! He has helped me a lot, and given me much knowledge since I've been on the Path. We've been so close and together over the years, that I could probably write a whole book about him! He is my lover, my protector, my Demon.
The first four years I knew him, I saw him in the form of an Ibizan Hound with eggshell colored fur, golden bracelets, earrings, a golden necklace, and with sky blue highlighted white wings. He was large, he was about up to the top of my rib cage only sitting down. After four years, he showed me WHAT he called his "Final", or "Real Form" Which kind of looked like the Lesser Key of Solomon form of him, but human shape like a werewolf. He is extremely loving and caring. Some days, he will sit right next to me for no reason at all, or will lie with me in my bed, or on my chest.
I have yet to see the "Human Form" of him. He told me he hasn't showed me it yet because I would "fall madly in love with him".
He works in close ties with Satan when it comes to me, and will enforce or remember things for me that Satan has told me to do, if I have forgotten it or ignored it by accident. When it comes to my well-being, Glasya does a good job looking out for me every time we are with one another, and I would do anything for him.
The sigil tattoo I got for my Guardian Demon Glasya-Labolas. I felt this would be a great first professional tattoo. This meant a lot to me as a Daughter Father trip I had in November 2014. He got the sigil of Astoroth, but for different reasons. He's a Christian, as has felt as if she has been toying with him for years, and Maybe she has? I told him not to worry, and that she would not bother him, even if he didn't believe it, that she is a good Goddess.
Next on my list would probably be either Satan's sigil, the Satanic Pentagram, or the Baphomet.

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