Friday, February 16, 2018

Gates of Hell

   Not a very detailed picture, but it is a rough drawing about the size of Hell's gates and Astoroth in comparison to my guardian and I. Here's a quick exerpt from my 2013 Black Book I wrote on this subject: "I thanked Botis with the utmost respect, and he left as quickly as he came (I had summoned him to ask for help and wisdom in my struggling school life). Later that night, I was drifting in the astral, in hopes of learning something - and Labolas found me drifting in the darkness. He told me he was going to bring me to he gates of Hell, and nothing more.
   As Labolas was taking me there, a ceiling came into view, and it was like the inside of a cave. The ceiling seemed to be as high as the clouds, and the stalagmites hanging up there were small, with a gold shimmer.  Like stars in the sky clumped together in the darkness, but shining brightly on the ceiling, like fine glitter. This was certainly a magnificent sight indeed! The floor however, was nothing but a pale glittering sand, simply reflecting the dim light of above.
   After Labolas brought me through the long way, we came upon a gigantic, emerald-green dragon! I mean, this dragon was HUGE! It didn't meet the ceiling of the cave, but it came about half way. Labolas told me that this dragon was Astoroth, and that she took turns protecting the gates of Hell. Although it was here and there, it was in the form of a magnificent, emerald-green dragon. As I looked into her large and yellow eye, she stretched upwards to show her full height. Following her with my eyes, I noticed the ceiling again, but this time it was sparkling navy-blue!
   The gates where a cherry-red color, with a very dark silver border, as well as embroidered with silver leafs, and detailed thoroughly.

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