Monday, February 19, 2018

Keeping Track

   One thing I cannot stress enough about: practitioners of the path, never keeping a Black Book! This is definitely one thing you want to keep updated, especially if you're serious in Theistic Satanism.
  1.    You can write down spells, rituals, meditations, summonings down in this book, to keep track of what you did, what parts worked for you, how effective your spell worked, what you learned about the entire experience, and how/what to change.
  2.    You can make drawings and illustraitions of what you may have seen during summoning, astral travel, or your waking life,  as well as drawing your own sigils.
  3.    I have printed off many different Occult and Left Hand Path articles, pictures, information, and put it in to folders and notebooks, to save time on writing - which takes a seriously long time. 
  4.    Having kept many Black Books over the years, it has seved me as an old reminder of my memories, workings, thoughts, and information at the time. It is nice referance to look back on your old books of information, just to refresh yourself. This is years of research and collecting, will never stop as long as I remain a dedicated Satanist.

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