Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dark Energy Exhale

   This exercise, is to rid your body of the negative energy accumulated over time. This energy is prone to collect in the aura, and the kundalini. We may be feeling an overwhelming depression, bodily sickness, and/or pain. If one becomes powerful enough to will these energies, they can be sent to others to absorb the nastiness, make elementals, and dark spells/magic. To rid these energies and thoughts, that have been trapped within you, follow these simple steps below...

   1. Start off by making yourself comfortable, perhaps in a sitting position
   2. If you know what areas are effected - stick with it, and go into a calm, meditative state
   3. Imagine this negative black energy leaving your body with every exhale

   This simple action of letting go or by force, this black energy is important to keeping optimal health. However, you do not want to rid your body of all of it, as all types are here to help give us balance.

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