Friday, September 11, 2015

About our Sect in Theistic/Spiritual/Traditional Satanism

Forever have you been awaiting to learn about the path of Theistic Satanism, and what it is about, IF such is true, you have come to the right place.
For now, we can tell you WHAT we aren't:
1. We are not Neo-Nazis (Satan is most definitely not a skin-head, or a racist. A lot of Spiritual Satanists in particular love the fact that they are worshippers of a Christian, socialist, racist, and germicidal maniac).
2. Important things to us are dedication, education, intelligence, & knowledge (Far too many of us lack the motivation to care to further one's own self, and others in terms of proper education and knowledge).
3. Fighting amongst ourselves and other sects, & beliefs is pure and simple, not acceptable (Christians are known to exhibit this behavior, Especially the spreading of  false information, fighting about differences out of the norm, different moral views, ect. If you want an example of reversed-christian followers, do a bit of research on Joy of Satan LOL!)
4. We do not believe in the bible, quran, talmud, or any other fictional work of fantasy (Go read the Lord of the Ring books, they even have sheeple & power addicted assholes too! It will be worshipped a few thousands years down the road as well).
5. We help those who ask for help is deemed worthy or trustful (Giving out information to the wrong people and/or the enemy is and can be a stupid mistake. Especially if they start the "love Jeebus" card).
6. We do not participate in animal sacrifice in wasteful ways (Both Human & animal life is very sacred and equal. The preservation and respect for nature and all living beings is WHAT differs us from people of the Right Hand Path. Such as killing woman, men, children, eating flesh of other humans, rape, beating, torture, ect, we do not do this. Some will participate in willing sacrifice, but who's to say it's right or wrong? Although I do not practice such beleifs and so don't many others, it is common among powers seeking cults, and abusers).
7. We do not disregard scientific proof or proper research (This seems to very a huge and devastating behavior many Satanists, Especially spiritual ones, to regard somebody else's moral beliefs or misinformation as a fact. We are independent and trust ourselves and in Satan. Please do proper research for yourself before you accept another's bigotry as fact).
8. We try to strive to be the most respectful people you will ever meet (Although many people, including fellow Satanists may not do this, we believe that in order to reach your highest self, we Must learn when, and how to react to the disrespect we may encounter on the oath, weather it be your friends, and enemy, or a fellow family member. Fighting in a disrespectful and immature manner gets us nowhere, fast. So, if you Must pick a fight, remember to state clear facts, and don't act like a fool)
9. LaVeyan Satanism is NOT Theistic Satanism!!! (LaVeyan Satanists do not believe in any God's, Except for mankind himself. they believe in all guilty pleasures with understanding and pride, they are obviously, and stated Atheistic from it's people, & even it's founder Anton Szandor LaVey, they use Satanism as a philosophy and/or a way if life such as; Satan being a symbol, anarchy, bending & breaking the Christian normalities of the mid 1960's, and disobedience. We believe Satan to be a real person or God, we see him to be the true Creator of mankind, we believe in magic, the astral, other God's or beings, we have no official Bible or book such as the LaVeyan Satanic Bible, we do not see Satan from a Christian's views as like the atheistic believe it or not LaVeyan Satanists, we do not disrespect the God's or Demons in ways of childish Halloween costumes or incorrect Enochian or Hebrew praises to the Jewish God YahWeh or even backwards Christian Bible verses ).
10. Devil worshippers are NOT Satanist!!! (BELIEVE in it or not, Devil Worship is not Satanism, plain & simple. Devil Worship is a person who worships the Devil or Fallen Angel Lucifer in the Catholic Bible & beliefs, or the Christian Bible & beliefs. They believe in blood, human, and animal sacrifices by means of murder, torture, or fun. They believe they can become the most ultimate evil being, according to the Christian & Catholic Bibles; Satan, Lucifer, it the Devil. The God Lucifer is actually being used incorrectly in this belief. He is actually the God Venus. So technically a she, or Maybe both to pose as device wisdom and beauty within one's self. Devil Worshippers believe that with the amount of evil they have done, they are the biggest, and badass, or most important person there is. Most Devil Worshippers are either insane, criminals, or have been abused during their lifetimes in some way it another.).
11. Luciferians are NOT Satanist!!! (This seems to be sadly, a huge misconception These days. Luciferians believe in and worship Lucifer, "Morning Star", or Venus. They believe in White and Black magic, chaos magic, spirituality, furthering & bettering one's self. Most believe in the power of good as well.).
12. We do not suppress women or men. (Both Women & Men are equal in Satanism. We believe both half's are needed to achieve ultimate wisdom, balance, and understanding between good, and evil. Without Women, there would certainly be no man. In old times, and even today, Women were feared by men because they were believed to be more powerful than them. This superstition may have been caused due to the comparison between the phases of the moon, and a woman's menstrual cycle. Menstrual Blood is considered the most powerful element in rituals, spells, or magic).
13. We believe Satan to be a real being! (Theistic/Spiritual/Traditional Satanists believe that Satan is a real, and quite alive being. He does NOT represent evil as Christian fairy-tales and lies dictate. He is the giver of Wisdom, the arts, and magic. He has the abilities to create all forms of life, including us Humans).

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