Sunday, September 13, 2015

Elemental Cleansing Ritual

I first developed this ritual, in winter of early 2015. The reason being, I was having troubles with spirits in my home - due to a man who had hung himself downstairs in his room. I had just moved into my new room, and there was heavy spirit activities such as things being ripped off the walls (my boyfriend had seen it once and it startled him), things would be moved in weird places (I found one of my shoes in a room I almost never gonin, and my change jar in there too), shadows as well for a few months, and heavy feeling negative air.
   This ritual is basically for those who want to help cleanse and protect their rooms from harmful, and even dangerous negative spirits, and energies. It had worked for me, but takes quite some energy for it to work properly (as I've tweaked it due to the first couple tries only lasting a week or two at a time for protection).

1. Before you will lay any candles down, you will need to put some sort of Satanic banner, symbol, or rune ect to use for the basis of your ritual. Make a large Satanic Pentagram with several candles (perhaps 20-30 teacup candles works). DO NOT put a circle around the pebtagram, Satan highly dislikes this. In the middle of the Pentagram, put a much larger candle in the middlle. Now, light all the candles in a circle with the one in the middle last.
2. Gather the following supplies; a stick if incense with the scent corresponding with your main issue (anger, frustration, scared ect), a cup if water, salt and pepper and/or cinnamon. *Sage really pisses off spirits, so NEVER USE IT
3. ELEMENTS OF EARTH-- Take the stick of cinnamon (dragons blood can be used as an alternative), and hang it in every doorway. Grab a hand full of salt and pepper, and sprinkle it on every corner, as well as every door that's going into your house. Now, say the following; in the name of Hell, and the element of Earth, grant me protection from all negative energies, spirits and entities. Absorb the negativity and take it away - in the name of Satan, protect this room.
4. ELEMENTS OF AIR-- Take your incense and light it - walk around with it, and with all your rooms, fill them with the scent of it - until the air is filled. Repeat affirmation with step three, but remove "and the emelemt of earth" with air and "Satan" with Marduk and Azazel.
5. ELEMENTS OF WATER-- Take your water, and sprinkle it on every corner (this water can be mixed with oils or botanicals to strengthen it), and make sure to sprinkle it on every opening such as doors and windows, and sprinkle it onto your bed as well. Use the same affirmation as step 3 but use "and the element of water", and "Astoroth".
6. ELEMENTS IF FIRE-- Take the large candle in the middle of the Pentagram, and bring it to each corner of your room(s) ,and repeat the affirmation in step 3, but use "and the element if fire" and "Enlil" instead.
--- Afterwards, sit in front of the candle Pentagram, and say "May the powers of Hell, Satan, Astorith, Azazel, Enlil, and Marduk keep this room safe, and protect from all evil and negative entities, and energies. Then blow out all of the candles. 

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