Friday, September 11, 2015

New Site Adress

   Hello fellow Satatanists! I am currently moving right over to
   The reason I am currently doing this is because I've had a Computer for quites some time now, and don't feel the need to use a shitty phone editing website app no longer to update, and add content to my site. Weebly is very effective for all its additional opportunities and editing properties. (Although I hate to move the site I worked so damn hard on, ITS GONNA' GET DONE)! Not to mention, I've had exceptional success with every site I've made with Weebly!!  ^^
   So please, stay tuned! I plan to have this moving process over by the 12th, and will be deleting all pages once I've gotten to the point where I've moved all my work - something I've already spent eight hours on today, but to continue tomorrow! I am going to try to have the same if not similar look and feel to my new web address.
   Once I have finished the process, I plan ton leave just one page open to tell the sites been moved for at least a month or two, then the original site is going to be deleted all together, and the 301 code for those just discovering my site will go to the new one.
   Anyway, have a great night sinners, and Hail Satan, Ave Satanas!