Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hello, and welcome to Satan's Garden's official Blog!!

   Satan's Garden, is a Theistic/Spiritual/Traditional Satanism site, striving for the goal to educate all Satanists on the path, and all outsiders - to help build an understanding or realization on who we are, what we believe in, and what we are or do. Now, please keep in mind we do not care what people think of us, but it does get a bit old when everyone who hears the word Satanist, automatically assumes we are evil, eat babies for breakfast, sacrifice animals, and hate the world... No, just no - lol
   We try to teach about all Satanic sects - with true and real information, and not dictated by a genocidal so-called "Satanic Leader(s)". We do NOT fight or compare ourselves to other sects to promote a "one and only true Satanist" bullshit idea; Satanism is about independence, education, true-knowledge, and the advancement of the mind, body, and soul. We create out own paths here; not a crazy reversed-christian cult, not an ignorant single-minded idea, not a hate-filled crazed frenzy, with multiple unsupported claims, lies, and self-delusion. 
   Satanism is NOT about ridding the world of races, and believing Satan's a Nazi-Skinhead like a certain site (JoS) claims either. This is one of the most titanic, and bigot infused, and self-denied lies in all of Satanism. They support racist, and psychotic qualities, and a cult of brainwashed apparent "true-Satanists", that are following nothing but a reversed-christian retard, who calims to be half Native-American herself to try to mask her racism (Maxine Dietrich or Andrea Herrington - Supports Nazism, claims Jews are aliens from outer space that are reptilian, and are created by angels that don't have human DNA, worships Hitler and other Nazi assholes from WWII, and claims to have sex with Azazel and many many Demons - OH, and her husband used to be a leader for the NSA. Hitler even cited he did his deeds in the name of God himself haha).
   For more information, please visit our site, and stay tuned to Priestess Satanika's posts in the near future! Thank you all, and Hail Satan!