Friday, September 18, 2015


The Kundalini is a sleeping force inside of all human beings that when awakened, uncoils and forces itelf up our spinal colomns until it goes from the Bace chakra, all the way to the Crown. This is a very painful process for most people, and by no means is it pleasurable until it's over with. This is what happens when we meditate and use yoga - but one shouldn't be discouraged by this, for when it's all done and over with, some can feel extreme pleasure and peace.
   Many people want to rush the Kundalini to geet goals done in mind or to become more powerful quick - this is not the way of the Kundalini and will assure you do not ascend. Many people feel feer to let it not happen in knowing the changes can bring extreme personality changes, and even physical changes within the bodies. It is like being reborn into a new mind in body we have to get used to once again., and it will be a trecherous task indeed. You cannot rush the serpent, it does not work this way. The Kundalini rises on its own, and will do it when it's ready - not when you think you are.
    Before the Kundalini Climbs
   Before we awaken the Kundalini, many symptoms occur both mentally and physically - our appearance could change, we could start having visions, happenings in life that seem to match up and make sense, questioning beliefs or religious ideas - even seeing the world in a whole different way or perspective. You may feel that you are starting to realize the problem of things, and why illogical things don't make sense anymore, or why people even argue at the thought of different ideas and perspectives - the Ego dies at this stage, mostly bringing us to the rise of numerous questions, thinking about the meaning in life as a whole, trying to understand others, and even the way of thinking for people who are different around you.
   It may feel like you have lost total and complete understanding on anything and everything you hold dear in your life; personal ideas, relationships, mental state ect. The Kundalini is a HUGE energy shift within the body and the spine, it's like a dose of hormones rushing throughout your being that can last from a day- up to months, even years. You are beginning to transcend into a Spiritual awakening that can and will cause extreme confusion and emotional distress in this time. You will be confused on what you have done or chose to put your faith in all your life, or even feel like nobody understands you or what you are going through. These are all part of what happens before our Kundalini will rise.
   More physical symptoms can be the feeling of being drained - like there is not a drop of energy left in your body. You will feel as if you are tired enough to sleep a week, yet you cannot sleep well at night or even get to bed at a decent time - this is normal, as your bodies life energies are being disrupted and are changing dramatically. More examples would have to be your body hurting along the spine as well as mental debilitation, causing in some psychotic episodes which land them into mental hospitals. This often causes depression, and restlessness- wondering when this will all end.
    The Spiritual Awakening & Healing
   This is what happens after we have gone through all the emotional and physical distress, and it can feel like a blessing as soon as we're into it - this is the stage where we finally come to peace with ourselves and the world around us. You will begin to see the world in a different way you had never thought possible before, like a new perspective all together. It will seem as if you have realized issues and problems you never have before, or even seeing things you never saw before. You might even have visions of the future, and realizations of peace and happiness within yourself - the ego dies here.
   You will feel extreme surges in energies, like you can stay awake and alert through anything, like you can learn or work all the day and still not feel run down. You will begin to realize what you want in life, and the purpose for your life - something only you can choose and figure out, ultimately setting goals for you and your future that are positive, and make you feel confident and happy inside. You will feel at peace, that you finally can be happy about something in your life, and understand it. These are some symptoms of the healing phase of the Spiritual awakening that can lead to even worse symptoms that before the spiritual awakening even happened.
   These are the causes of the energy shifts and the bodies natural way of conforming and healing to the new abundance of electricity in the body. This wave of bio-energy also causes the body to heal fast such as cuts and pains, or even mentally with depression. After the body has wound down though, unfortunately it can cause a relapse in symptoms as before. We may also see flashes in our vision and have bone and muscle pain, an overactive mind that permits one from sleep, and fatigue due to bout of high energy - and not being used to the new way our bodies are acting.
    The Awakening the Kundalini
   The awakening of the Kundalini can cause several symptoms such as burning in the spine, twitching of muscles and limbs, extreme insomnia, increased sexual behaviors, vivid dreams and visions, increased awareness with ones self and surroundings, increased psychic abilities, complete loss of ones ego, peace, understanding, becoming non violent, and a whole range of other feelings. Everybody is different, and has experienced different issues or advancements concerning the Kundalini - to which some look forward to due to the personality changes and change into a god-like being and perspective.
   When the Kundalini uncoils itslef, and travels up the spine, it is said to cause extreme pain in most people, as it forces its way through the spinal fibers and tissues - along with the chakras making it hard to deal with, or even go through to the end.

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