Friday, September 18, 2015

Going Into Trance

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Taken From Satan's Garden
Trance can be very important for a number of reasons. One, is that we can use trance to Astral Project, or Travel to other places, times, and/or people. Another reason is that it greatly calms the body into a almost sleep like state if done properly. I have been do deep into trance (Which I always do sitting up), that I've actually fallen asleep I was so far into it! Trance can also teach our bodies how to slow and wind down, and even help us learn proper patients and highten out minds, third eye, and crown chakras. Something we need to keep in mind here when entering into race is that e always need to stay calm, collected, and not get too excited or think about random things, or else we will snap back out of it.

1. Sit down on a comfortable surface, and cross your legs if you wish. Do not lay down during trance, for you run the risk of falling asleep fairly easily, and will ruin everything. Also, find a place you will not be disturbed or distracted,  preferably in your room at night, or when nobody will be there to be noisey or bug you. Noises will startle you if you are in deep trance!!
2. Start doing the 666 breath, and clear your mind completely, focus only on the counting of your breath, and that's it! You don't want random thoughts popping in and out of your mind, because it distracts your mind and body from achieving trance state. After a while of practice,  you should be able to still your mind.
3. Relax your entire body, and gently flop your arms to your sides, or rest hem on your knees if your legs are crossed. You will need to be perfectly still, and breathe calmly. Too much motion can jerk you out of trance. Also, ignore the urges to itch spots, or move your limbs. You can use yoga before hand or stretching exercises to ensure relaxation.
4. After a while of relaxation through the 666 breath, and perfection of staying still, and keeping your mind calm, you should be able to feel more comfortable, calm, and lightweight. As our physical bodies are ignored, our astral body or soul becomes more pronounced.
5. As soon as you feel your limbs and body literally become numb, and a slight rocking sensation, this is where you know you are in the medium stages of trance, and that you're doing this right. After this point, it is extremely important to keep calm, and collected, and make no sudden movements, or random thoughts.
6. Once fully into trance, you should not be able to feel your entire body, or breathing. You should also feel as if you are floating, start to see swirls of energy or smoke in your mind, feel powerful, barely breathing you hardly need air, and feel extremely energized. If you have done this, congratulations, you have successfully entered trance! At this point, if you keep on sinking deeper, you will fall asleep without realizing it, and your body will tip over. DON'T let this happen less you want a body full of pain afterwards. You can also enter the astral or lucid dreaming from this point.
7. After you exit trance, you will feel extremely relaxed, maybe even sleepy! Do not immediately get up after trance, or you will fall over due to numb legs and feet! Slowly move all your muscles in your body starting from the neck, down to your toes. If you want to skip the pain inducing trobbing or the part where your physical body wakes up again, immediately lay down flat on the floor, or your bed after you feel your body again, and lie down for about five minutes.

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