Tuesday, September 15, 2015


This is a sermon I wish to write long and educated about due to the fact that many "Satanists" particularly if the Joy Of Satan Nazi cult believe Godhead is some sort of joke. I WAS talking with a fellow Satanist that claimed he was 18, been a Satanist for 4 years, and claimed he was reaching Godhead. He continued to be extremely belligerent, violent, and uneducated in his ways - so much to the point it was working on split personality disorder, and possible bipolar and extreme self-delusion. This is not true Godhead.
   Godhead originates from arguably Egyptian sources tens if thousands of years ago with the God Thoth. He used to be an ancient priest and helped build the Gaza Piramid, and later became a God by conquering death. You do not just suddenly become a God, it takes tens if years, even lifetime's. This is not a process one just suddenly jumps into and acts holier than thao.
The Stages of Godhead/hood
One of the first things we have to do is learn knowledge - the right kinfld, and a lot of it. This could mean completing a hobby of profession such as magic, arts, or agronomy - and learning absolutely everything you can about it ... EVERYTHING. They say knowledge alone still isn't enough to reach Godhead on your own, but it's worth a start doing what you love and do best to utilize it later on.
   The second and most important stage would have to be meditation, and A LOT of this. Priestess Satanika would sit and meditate for hours at a time when she became more adept and patient to this practice. When we meditate, we subject ourselves to a lover rhythm of vibrations that help tune out chakras and mind as one.
   The third step would have to be balancing the feminine and the male energies, and the good and bad. People who are trying to achieve Godhead will seldom speak, and become peaceful and aware and accept in a all aspects in life. This type of acceptance is what gives monks their power, or Hindu magicians. This is the death of our old selves and a time of device understanding and peace we may experience while achieving Godhead.
   One does not brag for attention or lash out at others for being different or even seeing the truth - this is not understanding, and by no means is this peace or balance. This is a huge misconception with people who cla to be achieving Godhead - it's called a power trip, and people who exhibit this ten to be very unstable emotionally and extremely defensive.

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