Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lord Satan

Who is Satan, and where does he come from? Satan is the Sumerian God Ea and is the god of wisdom, magic, education, creativity, and is a warrior. Satan is all knowing, and even found out when his great-grandfather plan to kill him, and all of the other gods. He set out to kill the great father Abzu, and sent his warrior son Marduk to kill the Great Mother Tiamat in the process.
   Satan is not about evil k and does not have horns or red skin. In fact, Lord Satan looks just like a human being, just like you or I. He has white skin, with blonde hair, and he usually wears a white robe with no shoes on. He is the one along with one of his sister wives that created us human beings, started our race as primitve slaves to mine gold for Nebiru's atmosphere.
   Satan isn't one to monkey around, but usually is a very good friend to those who are new path, and with those he has a very trusting and good relationship with. Nothing ever gets Satan when it comes to the harder things in life, and he will be there to pick you up, and help you if it's what you need.
   There have been times in my life where I thought I needed something, and that Satan would give me whatever I wanted, but this is not so. Satan won't go as far as to "kill your enemy", or give you "unlimited fame and fortune", but he will help you with the grey areas in your life, and will tell you what needs to be done. He will give you the boost to achieve what you want or need, and may even reward you for your efforts in not only helping yourself, but helping another or him as well.
Attributes about Satan --
* His names are Satan, Ea (House of water), Enki (Lord of Earth or King of Earth)
* His colors are black, red, and Navy Blue
* Animals: Goat, ram, raven, peacock, and twin serpents or DNA, Fish
* Sighns: Capricorn, and Aquarius
* His brother is Beelzebub or Enlil
* His sisters are Damkina, Ninkhursag (Mother who helped created humans)
* His parents are Antu (Mother), and Anu (Father)
* Element: Water
* Attributes: Conrols Fresh and salt water, crafts, intelligence,  creation, wisdom, semen
* Direction: South
* Constellation: Ea, Pegasus
* Numbers: 6, 11, 40,
* Planets: Earth, Mercury
"The Temple of Enki, variously called the E-Abzu or the E-gur, was the first known to have been built in Southern Iraq. Four separate excavations at the site of Eridu have demonstrated the existence of a shrine dating back to the earliest Ubaid period, over 6,500 years ago. Over the following 4,500 years, the temple was expanded 18 times, until it was abandoned during the Persian period.[18] On this basis Thorkild Jacobsen[19] has hypothesized that the original deity of the temple was Abzu, with his attributes later being taken by Enki over time. P. Steinkeller believes during the earliest period Enki had a subordinate position to a goddess (possibly Ninhursag, taking the role of divine consort or high priest,[20] later taking priority. The Enki temple had at its entrance a pool of fresh water, and excavation has found numerous carp bones, suggesting collective feasts. Carp are shown in the twin water flows running into the later God Enki, suggesting continuity of these features over a very long period. These features were found at all subsequent Sumerian temples, suggesting that this temple established the pattern for all subsequent Sumerian temples. "All rules laid down at Eridu were faithfully observed"
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