Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dedicating Your Soul

Dedication Ritual for New "Sataninsts"
   This kind of ritual would be used to come into the LHP, a coming that dictates your dedications to Satan, and unto yourself by making a pact to swear loyalty and your time. This type of ritual dedicates your soul so to speak, and shouldn't be taken with that as a game, or with haste decisions.  This is something many Satanists do to get not only closer to themselves, but to the gods and even Satan himself. Remember, do NOT DO THIS if you are going to regret it.
   Also, you will not get special perks by dedicating yourself at all like SOME groups or sects may claim. Satan isn't going to come to you and give you the ultimatum of what to fix or give in your life. This is a transitioning point in your life, such as a different chapter - a different you. This will not bring to you your deepest and darkest desires and wishes.
   Now, what will happen when you dedicate your loyalty and time in this ritual, is that you WILL physi cf ally feel different. You will feel as if there was a big surge of energy surging into you  or that happiness is filling your heart - this is Satan's welcoming into his family. You will feel power you have never felt - an electricity feeling in your skin, shoulders, and neck. This is something we all feel when joining Satan. This is his way of thanking you, and welcoming you - never be afraid of these new feelings, for they are normal.
1. You will need to gather the following supplies;
- A piece of paper or something to write on
- A black, blue, or red colored pen or pencil
- Three candles two white, and one either red, blue, or black
- Go outside, and collect some nature as an offering, such as flowers, sand, rocks, arrange something nice for Satan
- Black clothing to wear
- A stick of incense of your choice
- A needle or razor
   2. You should immediately take a shower before participating in this ritual of dedication - it shows your utmost respects to Satan, as you wouldn't want to be dirty to please your boss at an interview,  would you?
   3. As soon as you get washed, dress in all black clothing if possible - or the closest thing to it (Thus part is only symbolic).
   4. Gather all the flowers, and rocks, or whatever you chose from outside, and put it inti a nice display ( if you want to make a random pile of crap, go for it. This is your ritual, not mine).
   5. Arrange the candles now; one white one out of the three colors mentioned above, and the last one white again, light them and then light your incense.
,,6. This is the part where you write the dedication rite to speak out loud to Satan. I would encourage you to write your own, as this signifies your pact. This is a very personal choice, and nobody can tell you what to say in this part except for you - this is about you, nobody else. But, for those of you who are lazy, you could say something like this;
"Oh mighty Lord Satan, guide me on this path while I dedicate my soul and my being unto you, and unto the Gods as a true allegiance if faith and power. Guide me as I take the blood of my hand to seal my pact to the ways of Hell, and to the ways of truth, and justice forevermore. I (your full name) pledge to always and forever do your bidding, and with grace and honor, I shall up keep your name and ways forevermore."
This is something you should be writing on the pieces of paper you have.
   7. After you have written your prayer down, you will want to sign your name in blood, this is where the needle or razor comes in handy. This can be done by using an old pen - just dipping your name in the blood and writing it, or by carefully using the needle to write. After you have done this, read your prayer out loud.
   8. When you have finished all of this, fold the paper, and dip it in all three candle, and burn it in a burning bowl, or outside to blow away with the wind. Do not blow the candles out, you will want them to burn out on their own.

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