Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dedication "Facts"

A dedication rite to Satan should never be taken lightly or without a long amount of consideration. A dedication rite is not a game, and should never be treated like one. 
   When we dedicate ourselves to Satan, it is not "selling your soul", or to get money, fame, sex, or any of that other Hollywood bullshit. You are dedicating your alliance to Satan, and that you fully intrust in him and in the powers of Hell. It's pretty much a promise you are joining inti him, and that you will be loyal into his help and knowledge. But, there are many types of dedication rite, other than dedicating yourself and your soul. 

Dedication Ritual 

   A dedication ritual is when we are new into the path, perhaps just stumbling across Satanism, or even being in it a while, just to make sure we want this for ourselves. This is something most satanist do when pledging their allegiance to Satan. This is a ritual that signifies a coming to truth, education, justice, and wisdom. It signifies a point in our lives where we can finally become one with Satan and the Gods with a blood pact, and a sheet of paper.
   This is not something one should do, just stumbling upon Satanism - it's something we need to think about before doing, and there are so many reasons why;

A) Some people come from RHP backgrounds, looking to rebel or appose of their God because they don't believe they exist due to personal emotions or happenings in life. Satanism isn't about rebellious teenagers crying about their almost nonexistent issues in life. Satan doesn't give a fuck about your selfish baby-ass. This doesn't not mean he doesn't care - it means if you're trying to get back at a God that doesn't exist or a family member due to them "pushing God on you", he isn't going to do anything for you.
   These are your own issues YOU need to deal with. Satan doesn't go around parading happy-go-joy on petty bullshit. If you want something changed, YOU do it, this is what a lot of Satanists or newbies, or even outsiders don't understand about Satanism. It is about free-will and independence, not sucking on Satan's tit, for all your days. 
   If you are underage (under 18), and licingg in a Christian or RHP home with overly strict parents that makes you want to rebel and kill them, deal with it. Its called life, and they dictate you until you get a job and your ass out if there, or until your 18. There's nothing you can do about it, and Satan's not going to help you not go to church.
   Satan also isn't the being told about in the Bible or any other RHP religions, and God doesn't exist - plain and simple. If you are coming into Satanism trying to join with the "evil forces of Satan and his legions of red demons", get the fuck out now. This is not Satanism, and you should send yourself packing before you get thrown out on your ass. 

B) Some people believe are atheist coming from a dogmatic RHP household, and perhaps want to patch a hole in their lives. This can be iffy if not a set-up for failure for most new Satanists later on in their lives. The reasons being -

1. You still fear "God"
2. You think Hell's a lava pit, and are still scared if it all 
3. The thoughts of "Demons" scares you, and you think they're red beings with pitchforks and hooves that will possess you and kill you and your family
4. The though of free-will, thinking for yourself, and sex is a sin
5. You think what you're doing is evil, and against "God"
6. You think magic, astral projection, meditation, and ritual is evil
7. You think "God" will do something for you if you rebel or show anguish 
8. You think coming to Satan will erase your life problems and he will give you whatever you wish in life if you "sell your soul"
9. You believe the "Holy Ghost" will always be with you, or inside of you

If any if these things still scares you, or continues to scare you after you have joined (perhaps a year into to your Satanism) you aren't a Satanist, and should reconsider your options in life. This is one of the biggest reasons for failure and turning back to old ways in Satanism. There is nothing worse than doubt and fear in the path, and we can never progress or evolve is we have ignorant dogmatic ideals still stuck in our heads.
   Another huge reason for failure due to a dogmatic past would have to be the fear of the unknown, and strange happenings when we join and dedicate ourselves to Satan.. When we join, and work towards our spirituality (Something the RHP never had, or even had to offer), we find ourselves noticing and experiencing a world we never have seen before, or ignored before. This scares A LOT of people out of the path.
   You should never be afraid of the things that Satan has to do offer or will give you when working towards him, or even yourself - because you will come to face with some pretty out of norm things. This could include things you may be achieving in life you never could reach before, mentally, physically or spiritually, could be new powers such as telepathy, astral projection, tarot, energies, the ability to summon the gods or demons, seeing the past, present or future - it can and could be any number of things.

C) If you aren't going to be committed to Satan, or do things such as magic or ritual to try and get your way only, you shouldn't join us. Satanism isn't about being a lazy slob, expecting everything to be handed to us magically - we have to actually WORK toward the things we want and perfect techniques if we want things to get done right,or actually happen in life. WE are not lazy people, and should never act that way either.
   Everything in the LHP takes a lot of time - for this reason, we need to keep trying, and trying to get things polished, done right, or for practice. When we learn how to play a new video game, one doesn't just jump into on expert mode, and expect to win in a few hours - it takes time, and nothing can be rushed here on the path. 

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