Friday, September 18, 2015

Thanks Ritual To The Gods

  • This is Priestess Satanika's Thanks Ritual to the Gods --

"Oh Lord Enki, who I trust with all of my heart, please give me wisdom, faith, strength, and hope 

Oh Lady Isis,  please flower me with insight, love and fortune.

Oh Husband-Brother Osiris, please grant me spiritual knowledge and happiness. 

Oh Enlil, great brother of Enki, please give me prosperity and security. 

Oh Warrior-hero Marduk, son of Enki, give me the power to conquer my fears, and the drive to obtain my goals!

Forever am I in the debt of the great and ancient gods, and forever shall I serve you all. Help me to the right path of becoming one like you, and to evolve into a better person for all of eternity. I shall serve the gods of old, and nothing shall rip me from their grasp! 

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