Thursday, September 10, 2015

Interview about JoS

High Priest Tiklos & Priestess Satanika - JoS and it's Leader Maxine

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1. Would you mind telling me about Maxine or Andrea for my site?
-- When I first met her, she was an atheist, interested in LaVey's Satanism, and "Conjuring demons" I found out later that the "Conjuring demons" part was so she can fulfill a fantasy about having sex with a demon and being pregnant with it's child... something about the reversal of God>Mary =Jesus..
2. Yes, I've noticed this myself. What did she tell you about the demon impregnating thing, since LaVeyan is Atheistic? It seems she was young, and perhaps had a mental disorder or misguided information?
-- She was a typical seeker... You find out that LaVeyan is Atheistic after you've studied it for a bit.. No one really knows automatically that it is atheistic.. As for the impregnation thing, I found it out later that night, but I did tell her that while sex with demons are a possibility, a pregnancy from that interaction is not. As it does not occur in the physical realm.
3. I agree with you for the demon sex, because I'm sure I've done it myself, either in my mind cause I'm nuts, or it:s real. How exactly did she elaborate on the demon impregnation? Was their a goal, or idea in mind?
-- That was the goal.. She wanted to have the Anti-Jesus.
4. Weird bahaha. Tell me about her husband, Do you know if he believes in their so-called Satanism?
-- No, he's not spiritual nor religious, he believes in one being, Furher Adolf Hitler.
5. Same as JoS, and her ideas. Do you belive her scheme to attract - particularly young people was for personal progression and gain? if so, why?
-- Her scheme is to attract the dumbest of the dumb.. She gives enough factual information for those who are a bit smarter than the rest for when they research, but her ultimate goal is to have donators, and lots of them. All the websites she has referenced on the JoS site are her's, she created them, she set them up to match her ideals and sermons.
6. Why do you thinks she tries to tell people that her "Satanism" is the only real one, and to not research, or belive other sites?
-- For the same reason that all religions say theirs is the only true religion. Believe without Question. Psychologically, it's a sound reasoning. Humans, when told something is true and is the only way, flock to the statement. She does it to cover her ass, and she expects those who can think for themselves to call her out.. She rallies the masses against those people by calling them "Jews" or "Infiltrators".
7. Exactly! Some claim even that she  has no magical powers, or has never summoned a demon, and even she does it for attention, do you think these are also true?
-- She does it to encourage others to use her methods.. She has no greater power than anyone else. As for doing for attention? Absolutely.
8. When you said her husband looks to Hitler, did he tell you why?
-- He hates Jews, and everyone who is not white - but, especially Jews.
9. Why do you think he married Andrea - who's half Native herself?
-- For the sex.. She was the only one who was interested in him.. (He's not a good looking guy by any means) and she's not native, of any degree. She has claimed Native blood to make it seem that she is not racist.

-- -- For the sex.. She was the only one who was interested in him.. (He's not a good looking guy by any means) and she's not native, of any degree. She has claimed Native blood to make it seem that she is not racist.

10. So, she is white?
-- Yeah, She's so white, she makes my ancestors hurt.
11. How did you teach Andrea the Goetia?
-- Asides from lectures, I also hold classes on Ceremonial Magick - She attended the Ars Goetia Class. Listed her "magickal name" as Maxine Dietrich, but her legal name as Andrea Herrington. She was actually one of the three to be present throughout the entire class.. and that was every other day for 2 months.
12. The ways she twist information, and steals others work without their permission - why hasn't she been punished for it yet?
-- Because she has been low-key.. As soon as her site and works get blown into the wide public, she'll be investigated and if someone presses charges against her, she will be punished.. Fortunately for her, majority of the authors she stole from, are dead.
13. That's why then. It seems she loves to elaborate on Indian Buddhist ideas for meditation and such - chakras, kundalini, ect. Why do you think she would use such stuff in her site?
-- Mysticism. The "mysteries" and mysticism behind Hindi practices create an aura of realism and magic to them. She uses these practices to give an activity to what you can only achieve with your inner mind. She believes by introducing practices that aren't really well known in the Western World, and are already shrouded with "mystery" (simply because westerners can't fathom anything deeper than what's presented to them) that the practices will add a level of realism to it. Even though Chakra, Kundalini, and tantric Meditations didn't become known until the 60's, at least in the Western World, it was only used in junction with finding calm and peace, not with communing with spiritual elements.
14. When looking at her site, and the Goetic demons she represents with their information, and supposed asscets such as candle color, planet, not using the Solomen's information,  where do you suppose she gets this information?  Because I've seen a double post once that had completely different information on it.
-- She rips this information off of other writers. Every writer has their own idea of what color candle should represent. This is why we really have to research our crafts. We have to try and probably fail at our castings.. The plethora of information on the net and in stores, and we're still no closer than the origins of the Craft were. I digress..  She is not reading what she is posting, and neither are her web-masters that are helping her. They are just copying and pasting where they think it should go... There is no research involved, not even on a small scale.
15. Agreed. She also uses the Necronomican as well, do you personally think it has any Satanic value or use?
-- No. The Necronomicon is an excellent occult book, especially for he, since it contains roughly the same amount of truth as her site holds.  She tries to convince her followers that Marduk Kurios, Son of Enki is the true "Satan"... which if you take the story behind Satan, and the story of Marduk, they are different. Marduk did not oppose the Creator Gods, he opposed the enemies of the Creator Gods. If their belief of Satan being the creator of the Universe, then according to the Necronomicon and the Enuma Elish, Tiamat, the Chaos Dragon should be Satan. BUT.. Just as H.P. Lovecraft was in it for the thrills, so is Herrington.. She doesn't care what she posts, as long as it get her traffic.
Especially for her*
I have one of the original Necronomicon Occult Grimoires, and I have read every version of it, plus I followed the Mesopotamian way for years... There are no meditations in it.
16. Where do you personally think Satan is, or where he came from?
-- Satan is Hebrew. It means Enemy, or Opposer/Adversary. The Hebrew People worshiped and revered the Israeli God, so therefore anyone or thing that went against the Israeli God was "Satan". For a while the common unbeliever was "Satan", however that never made an impact. According to the Bible, Eve would be considered Satan, for she went against the orders of God and took the fruit.
   I personally think that "Satan" is whomever you want it to be. Any one who can assist you in rising against the mental slavery (and physical slavery) that is of worshiping Yahweh. As for where he came from? Us. We labeled him, we created the meaning. We gave him life and purpose, we gave him power. All things he originally gave us.
17. So Satan is just Hebrew of nature then?
-- I would think so.. At the very least, the word is.
I personally see "Satan" as Lucifer. The Angel who spoke against the tyranny of Yahweh. The one who rose against Yahweh when he order Lucifer and his other Angels to destroy us.  Lucifer, following the original Angelic Commandment, went against Yahweh to follow that Commandment... "Love them, as you love Me".
18. Since you know about the subject of YAHWEH,  why does Andrea claim it to be a created if Jews and reptilians Lol, same as before?
-- Reptilians are alien beings who are supposed derived of some human dna. They are aliens who are to have serpent DNA to kill off humanity, and can shape shift. Lol
-- So, again, Bat-shit Crazy. A far too deep look into the book "Lost Book of Enki".... almost the entire subject matter of the book, if I recall correctly.
19. I believe in the lost tablets, that we may have been created by them - since there's no way of for sure knowing. But, I personally don't think Satan's Enki. Do you think JoS used this because he (Enki) helped create humans?
-- I think JoS is using it because of the amount of belief in it from others. Majority of her followers believe the same thing, so she includes it just to get them to think she's on to something. It's odd too, because the whole reptilian thing doesn't fit in with the rest of the site.. Even reading about it feels so (forgive the pun) Alien... Especially when you look at the rest of the subject matter.
20. Strange! Again, it just all boils down to Nazism and money lol
-- It all comes down to the money. There is a lot of money in Religion.. She really has no concern about Satanism or even Religion itself of any degree, she just wants the money.
21. Do you personally think Andrea is a Satanist?
-- No. I think - spiritually- she is still an atheist.. However she is an opportunist.